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Parental Consent Form

Our fax number is (443) 773-9362 or you can scan this form and email it to

This form is required for children under 13 who wish to subscribe to the Grotto Newsletter, or who wish to send art to our art contests.

This information will not be given to any third parties.  Please read our Privacy Policy.

Explore by going to As we have a very large variety of areas to our domain, you may wish to have the minor you are responsible for show you the activity he or she wishes to participate in. If you have familiarized yourself with our activities and wish to permit participation in all of them, you may check the blanket permission at the bottom of the choices.

You may rescind permission at any time, in writing.

Set your browser to full screen and print out the form. Fill it out, date it, sign it, and

return it by mail to Lois Wickstrom, 787 N 24th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130-2540, U.S.A.

Alternatively, you may fax the form to (815) 331-3828. When we have the form on file, the minor child will be sent an e-mail message giving permission to participate.

I, _________________________________________________________________



City__________________State/Province_________Postal Code_______________,

hereby certify that I am the parent or legal guardian of


(name of minor child)

hereinafter known as Minor. The e-mail address used by Minor is


 hereby grant permission for Minor to participate in the following activities on the

Internet Domain known as

____ Subscribe to the Grotto Newsletter, which contains interviews with Nessie watchers and Nessie fans from around the world.

____ Participate in any or all Contests sponsored by

____ Send artwork  to for possible display on the website art page.

____Blanket permission to participate in all activities.

I understand that material on the  website domain is created to attract children under the age of thirteen. I have examined the site and its contents and wish to permit my minor child to participate as shown above. Therefore, we agree that neither of us shall be liable to the other for any damages whatsoever arising from my minor child's participation and that we shall protect, defend and hold and (the host website) harmless from any action at law relating to such participation.

Dated this ____________day of_______________________________, 20__.





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