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Soap Magic Magnetic Soap Holders

$7.00, shipping included in the USA.

Magnetic soap holders have been popular in Europe for over 40 years. This model is made of American oak. It protrudes 3" from the wall.  It comes with a stainless steel suspender that you push into the soap. Then you put the soap up against the magnet and it dries in the air.  

Soap kept on a magnetic soap holder lasts twice as long.

There's never a gooey mess. 

It's fun to put the soap back.

I tried to make a business selling these, but couldn't find the niche.  I have about 200 sitting in my basement.  The price is $7 each including shipping in the USA. If you live elsewhere in the galaxy, please write me to find out how much the shipping costs to your locale.  -- Lois