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Oliver, A Story About Adoption

by Lois June Wickstrom, 

illustrated by Priscilla Marden


cover Oliver, A Story About Adoption

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Oliver was selected by Read America as one of twelve books they are recommending to libraries in 1999.

The story begins:

Oliver lives with a mommy and a daddy and a goldfish. He is related to his mom and dad by love and law. Oliver is adopted.

One day when Oliver was sent to his room, he started to cry and feel sorry for himself. He beat up his pillow so hard that he ripped the pillowcase.

“I wouldn't be stuck in this room if I hadn’t been adopted,” he moped. Oliver tried to image what his birthparents were doing, and what he might be doing himself, if he were with them instead of being stuck in his room.

Maybe they worked in a skyscraper office building downtown.
Then he could ride the elevator all the way up and down.

Maybe they spoke French or Spanish and lived in another place.
Maybe they were astronauts who flew in outer space.

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Oliver, A Story About Adoption

a hard-cover picture book by Lois June Wickstrom, illustrated by Priscilla Marden, is available for $14.95 from Amazon or

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