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Constitution Maze

constitution maze

     Constitution Maze is a proposal to the Constitution Center located at Independence Mall in Philadelphia PA.

bell.gif Enter the maze in the middle of a 360° movie of the Constitutional Convention. Central elevators bring people up to this 2nd floor maze every 5 minutes. Visitors will literally arrive in the middle of the Constitutional Convention

bell.gif The maze visitors will enter is composed of familiar historical shapes: The Liberty Bell, The Statue of Liberty, The Capitol Building, a dollar sign, a quill, an ink bottle, the eagle from the dollar bill.

bell.gif The maze has one true exit and seven quick exits. Outside each exit, visitors will be able to see an overhead camera view of the maze, which will enable them to find their friends and family. Also, the overhead camera view will enable visitors to see the design of the maze. Restrooms will be available outside the maze. Visitors who choose to exit by a quick exit will be offered a sticker reading "I got lost in Constitution Maze." Visitors who find the true exit will be offered stickers reading "I solved Constitution Maze."

bell.gif Posters of significant Supreme Court Decisions, and the documents and judicial decisions that led to the writing of the Constitution line the walls of the maze. Each document is accompanied by photos or drawings of fashions of the times, newspaper headlines, politics, science, literature, art, inventions of that period in history.

bell.gif Bulletin boards inside the walls of the Liberty Bell will display editorials and news articles on current constitutional issues such as assisted suicide, immigration and exportation. Visitors will be able to add comments to these bulletin boards on cards provided.

bell.gif Wall displays and posters will be changed frequently, so the information will be fresh for repeated visits.

    The Constitution Center is being planned right now for construction in the year 2000. If you have ideas for the Constitution Center, or if you would like to support this idea, please write:

National Constitution Center
The Bourse Suite #560
1111 S Independence Mall East
Philadelphia PA 19106