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Hot Chocolate Underpants

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Hot Chocolate Underpants

On Caspian's Unbirthday, his grandpa always gives him a silly present that just isn't right for a birthday present. This year, it's brown underpants. Caspian is disappointed. Grandpa calls them "Hot Chocolate Underpants." Then he spills cocoa on Caspian's lap. Caspian glares at his Grandpa. Grandpa smiles. Then, Caspian's butt twitches, and he levitates off the chair. The adventure begins.

5 minute movie

download $2.99 plus PA sales tax $3.17

Hot Chocolate Underpants to the Rescue

Caspian tries to catch a frisbee. He misses. The  frisbee gets stuck in a tree. Caspian isn't good at climbing trees. He doesn't have to be.  He puts on his Hot Chocolate Underpants. He pours cocoa on himself. He grabs the mop for steering. When he arrives at the tree, Grandpa is still there, smiling. The frisbee isn't the only thing stuck in the tree. Caspian sees a kitten and decides to rescue it. Easier said than done.  Follow Caspian on his latest adventure.

3 minutes, 30 seconds movie

download $2.99 plus PA sales tax $3.17

Invisible Magic Wand

This year, when Grandpa puts Caspian's special Unbirthday box under his bed, it's empty.  Grandpa insists that he has given Caspian an Invisible Magic Wand. Caspian has to name it before it will work.

"Maybe," says Caspian.

"Good name," says Grandpa. "Nobody will get suspicious."

Caspian's hand tingles.

Caspian learns how to squeeze time, so he can move quickly and how to stretch time so he can make the things he enjoys last.


5 minutes, 30 seconds movie

download $2.99 plus PA sales tax $3.17