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Dissections logo scissors body by Deena Warner


Dissections logo pterodactyl by Deena Warner

Dissections logo pterodactyl by Deena Warner





Datelines and Deadlines by Gina Wisker: 1

Flee While There's Still Something Left by David Bruzina: 2

The Shadow Over Lynchburg, or The Case of Dr. Harry Felwealth by Casey Clabough: 3

On Slippage: Defining the Haunted House from Bad Place to Black House by Carl H. Sederholm: 4

The Painting by Mayra Calvani: 5

He Is What He Writes: The Weird Tales of Dennis L. Siluk by Benjamin Szumskyjy: 6

Active Reader by Mark Leslie: 7

From Marion to Sydney: The Evolution of the Heroine in Horror Film by Antoinette Winstead: 8

The Dark Frontier of Dixie by Cynthia Lyles-Scott : 9

Sexually Ambiguous or Liminal? Some Thoughts on Carol Clover’s Final Girl in the Teen Slasher Film by June Pulliam: 10

The Course of Zombie Love Never Did Run Smooth: Transcendent Union in ‘She’d Make a Dead Man Crawl’ and Shadows of the Dead by Frances Auld: 11

Chronicles of the Branded Mage by Charles Holtsclaw: 12

He Said, She Said: A Survey of Men and Women’s Views of the Genre and Its Sex Roles by Anthony J. Fonseca: 13

Dissections Editorial Board

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From left to right: Gina Wisker, David Sandner, Michael Arnzen, (Al Wendland) and Lawrence Connolly

  photo Clive Bloom     Clive Bloom

photo andy smith Andrew Smith

         michael arnzen photo Michael A. Arnzen

    brian attebery photo Brian Attebery

           lawrence connolly photo Lawrence Connolly

      nickianne moody photo Nickianne Moody

gina wisker photo Gina Wisker

              william hughes photo William Hughes

                         mariemulvey-roberts photo Marie Mulvey-Roberts

Frances Auld (for student submissions)

Stephanie Moss

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