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Dissections logo pterodactyl by Deena Warner





Artwork: Lighter Than Air by Will Jacques

Staircase at Night
Alexander P. Garza

The stairs in my childhood home
are haunted. I don’t know by whom.

But I’ve heard them weigh black boots
into each step. They reach the second story,

touring each bedroom. A knock later and
I’m in my room, a detective seeking clues.

The Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
wall-sweater is on the carpet-ground,

push pin still stabbing walls,
hole in the parchment still intact,

a lowering of the thermostat by no one
knows whom from the staircase at night.


Recurring Phoenix
Alexander P. Garza

Purple sky and I stand at the precipice
of a vivid green cliff,

water spilling into the fiorge from
the middle of the mountain side.

Tulips line the field,
and a giant phoenix soars up around me.

Peering over the edge,
I see and brace for death.

At the surface of the river,
I see my floating body;

the phoenix takes my place
alongside pale backdrop blues.

Alexander P. Garza

Five minutes until the rabid wolves
come to impale me with incisors.

There’s no way to clear the fog
with a pair of shears.

Let the ghost-beasts ravage
my body and leave me for dead;

I’m a ghost already, so it won’t hurt
as bad as the first time, and it won’t be slow.

Three minutes until melancholic songs
come to shake my senses.

There’s a way to skin wolves
if you can kill them first.

I tame them with my songs,
I maim them and slake my thirst.


Dissections logo pterodactyl by Deena Warner
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