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Drawing She Who Knows by Will Jacques

Artwork: She Who Knows by Will Jacques

Not One of Us
Alexis Child

The raging wind is a
brutal force where
The spirit goes
There is a roaring noise to
the whispers I hear within
Locked doors, rats and angels
I have been caught dead with
My spirit within my hand

I am a pale ghost
Lost, wandering
Chasing whims and shadows
Hiding in dark places
Now free of tooth and flesh
Everything I once imagined

I reach with no arms
And stand with no legs
I am the breeze you feel
On windless nights
That will take away your breath

I watch with no eyes
And listen with no ears
I am just the shadow
Cast still within that of yours

To most, I am faceless, nameless
And bear no threat
In the distance just a silhouette
That no one notices
A ghost you know exists but don't believe
A ghost that haunts itself in this dark dream
Say you'll remember me


The Vanishing
Alexis Child

Through closed eyes,
the merciless wind brings
the quivering branches that
love me not.

You blow into my hair
in deepest night where
shadows stand at my side;
They are present at this

The chill of the forest is
present that no mortal
eye can rely upon.

In this dying day, we cry
out in the world in search
of certainty. In a dreadfully
forsaken voice

the piano plays in an
empty room.
Are you not afraid of
this cold star?


Dissections logo pterodactyl by Deena Warner
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