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The Dorian 
St. James Saga
Vampire's Friend Recording


Listen to this 80 minute streaming MP3, fully dramatized short story,
The Vampire's Friend
 and your mind's eye will see it as a movie. 


Another remarkable story in the gripping Dorian Saint James saga, in which David Silberman the best friend of the vampire Dorian Saint James or Arnaud Lemieux as he then called himself thinks that God no longer loves him because of the evil supernatural elements brought into his life through his friendship with the vampire.  And while helping a distressed angel in the midst of a tragedy on Yom Kippur, David learns that his fear is far, far, far from the truth.

Watch for it on XM Satellite radio's SonicTheater available to more than five million listeners.

You will also find it on amazon.com as well as available here for free listening.

The production is about an hour and a half. 

Artwork by Kip.
Available for commissions. 


Adapted from
Vampire's Friend
Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Fully dramatized SonicMovie version
by K. Anderson Yancy

Featuring the SonicPerformers:

Don Hohman, Gene Siegel, Heather Wood,
& K. Anderson Yancy


Directed & Produced by: K. Anderson Yancy


Sound Design by K. Anderson Yancy. 
Digital editing by Gene Siegel
of Studio Eleven
and K. Anderson Yancy


This story is now available for free listening via streaming MP3 for two bandwidths -- runtime 79:44 minutes.

The text version is still available in the anthology Heaven And Hell on amazon.com.

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