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"Vampire's Fast". Serialized in Galaxy Magazine, E. J. Gold, ed., Premier issue, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Jan./ Feb., and March/April 1994.

"True Death", sequel to "Vampire's Fast" in Galaxy Magazine, #9, Vol II Issue #3, 1995, posted at 

"Vampire's Friend" sequel to "True Death" in Winifred Halsey, ed., Heaven and Hell, Speculation Press, DeKalb, IL 60115 , November/December 2001

Margaret L. Carter 

Suspense, tragic loss, and sheer fun mingle in these emotionally engaging
stories of a vampire with a strong ethical sense and a deep capacity for
affection and loyalty.  A unique creation myth and a universe teeming with
gods, demons, and angels enhance the excitement of human David Silver's
adventures with his vampire friend. A must-read series for all fans of "good
guy" vampires. 

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