Galactic League


League Member States


Winged humanoids with silver blood, they do not develop wings until after their thirtieth birthday



No longer a marauder society, they are a race of fun-loving hedonists from a world with 250% Earth's gravity



Of the three felinoid races in the League, the Chatazii are the best warriors and the widest- traveled. The Legion patrol ships were originally of Chatazii design.


The Ne-Bantu

A race of transplanted Africans, the New Bantu Nation is the foremost agrarian culture in the League. Their trade relations with other League worlds make them a major economic/ political force in the Council.



A high-gravity planet, the average Cerberan is 5.5 feet tall, and much denser than most other humanoid races.


The Venog Empire

A race of humanoid lizards, the Veng are some of the most agressive beings in the League


Shape-shifters who prefer to appear humanoid when dealing with Humans socially


Unrecognized Alien States

The Wolfen

Rumored to be a race of shape-shifters, they attack League shipping from a world not yet found by Legion patrols


The Vin Ra

A enigmatic Warrior race dedicated to glory and conquest

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