Galactic League


In the 400 years after leaving Earth, this race of tranplanted Africans has grown to become the Galactic League's foremost agrarian culture

Symbol design by Reg DuJour

Ne-Bantu Symbol

The spears, elephant tusks and war mask all symbolize different aspects of the Ne-Bantu civilization

Ne-Bantu Royalty

Democracy serves Ne-Bantu well on the state and local levels, but a powerful monarchy makes the decisions in planet-wide and offworld politics. King Jua and Queen Florese represent the third generation of the Mfalme dynasty.

Royal Yacht

The Ne-Bantu Royal vessel 'Nyota' (Star) rarely travels anywhere without a patrol ship escort

Chaos Time

Ne-Bantu Sky Control (lower right) is at a safe distance as it directs the assembly of a freighter convoy, complete with a patrol ship escort


 Ne-Bantu's Future

The Western Hemisphere of the planet is a virtual lava field, thanks to several hundred active volcanoes. When they finally cool down (in another century or so), the resulting territory will be some of the richest farmland in known space

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