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Sime~Gen Perspectives Newsletter

November 2000

Cold-curl up-and-read-a-book-nights are coming. Fireplace, hot tea, coverlet, Rocketreader or Palm or the new eBookman -- and good Science Fiction or Romance ... nothin' better. Have you bought an ebook yet? We have over fifty titles to check out and release four titles each month. Regencies, Inspirational romance, teen reading, paranormal...something for everyone at Awe-Struck! <>

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***** Feature Articles *****

** Worldcon Panel

Jacqueline Lichtenberg’s work was included on the recommended reading for a panel titled "Alien Languages." The list was compiled by Elizabeth Barrette. Of Jacqueline, she said "In co-operation with Jean Lorrah, she created the ‘Sime~Gen’ novels — arguably the best science fiction series nobody seems to have read. It’s one of the rare cases where there is NO WAY to tell the story without resorting to the characters’ own vocabulary, because English has no words to describe many of the relevant experiences. UNTO ZEOR, FOREVER (Playboy Press, 1978) offers a guide to characters and a list of vocabulary. FIRST CHANNEL (with Jean Lorrah; Playboy Press, 1980) features a chronology and a Sime legend. ZELEROD’S DOOM (with Jean Lorrah; DAW Books, 1986) also has a character guide and glossary, along with a map of the territories."

Other authors on the list were C. J. Cherryh, A. C. Crispin, Suzette Haden Elgin, Esther M. Friesner, Harry Harrison, Janet Kagan, Mercedes Lackey, Jane Lindskold, Holly Lisle, Anne McCaffrey, Wil McCarthy, Dennis L. McKiernan, Marc Okrand, Steven Pinker, Stanley Schmidt, Joan Slonczewski, S. M. Stirling, Amy Thompson, J. R. R. Tolkien, David Weber, and Janine Ellen Young. As you can see, Jacqueline and Jean were in good company.


** Chicon Chats

Go to


** Fellowship Opportunity

AUDRE LORDE FELLOWSHIP FOR WOMEN OF COLOR WRITERS / ACTIVISTS -- Each year, the Union Institute Center for Women, in collaboration with Norcroft Writing Retreat, awards a month-long residency retreat and $1,000 stipend to a woman of color writer / activist. The retreat, lodging, and food are free to the recipient. The award is named in memory of Audre Lorde, the poet and essayist whose life exemplified the meshing of world-changing thought and action. The application deadline is December 22, 2000. To receive an application, send a standard size S.A.S.E. (self-addressed stamped envelope) to: The Union Institute Center for Women, Audre Lorde Fellowship, 1710 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, #1100, Washington, DC 20036 OR for e-mail request: (it will come as a Word document attachment) OR use this link to access the application on-line <>. For more information, contact Diana Onley-Campbell, 202/496-1630 /





***** News *****

* Sale to Awe-Struck

Jean Lorrah announced that Awe-Struck E-books bought BLOOD WILL TELL. It should be available by the time you read this.


* New Book

Lois Wickstrom and Jean Lorrah have a book at <> titled NESSIE AND THE LIVING STONE.

* Novel sale

Margaret L. Carter announced the sale of her vampire novel SEALED IN BLOOD, a companion book to DARK CHANGELING, but lighter in tone, with some humour, to Dark Star Publications (an e-publisher). Release date is projected to be sometime in the middle of 2001.

* Vampire Reviews Column

Carol Castellanos announces that her new vampire reviews web site ( is up.

* Patricia Rasey's Spotlight

Go to <>. Logs from the chat she did at Simegen are also there.

* Hit Count

Jean Lorrah’s latest report says 63,000/wk. Breakdown follows:

Period covered by these statistics: 8 days (10 Sep 2000 - 17 Sep 2000)

Total number of requests: 63,301

Number of unique requests: 2,794

Number of Mb sent: 428.61

Number of bytes sent: 449,435,019

Number of unique hosts: 2,749

Average number of requests/day: 7,913

Average number of requests/hour: 374.56

Average number of requests/minute: 6.24

The previous week we were at 54,700 -- we leaped almost 9K page requests in one week.

* Founding 400

Latest count is 325. Go to to sign up.

* Companion in Zeor 14

The latest issue is out at

* Maureen McMahon Spotlight

Go to <> in the romance section of Sime~Gen.

* "Read a Good Story; Do a Good Deed" Site Wins Award

This happened write after Lois Wickstrom took over the site, rebuilding and designing a way for many authors to participate. Congratulations to Lois.



***** Sites to Remember *****

Sound files of Jacqueline Lichtenberg pronouncing Sime~Gen vocabulary words can be found at <>.

To sign up for classes, go to <>.

To volunteer, go to <> for the latest openings.



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