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Have you read all the poems submitted for the WorldCrafters Guild Poetry Contest? Now is your last chance! http://www.simegen.com/techtools/boards/

The three winners of the poetry contest have been notified, all have responded by e-mail, and we are now waiting only for their signed contracts to make the formal announcement and post the winning entries. A big Thank You! to our judge, the poet Robert Allen.

When we post the winners, the rest of the entries will be removed from the boards.

So, if you had been planning to read all the entries "one of these days," to see which ones _you_ would pick as the winners, this is your last chance!

While you are visiting our contest area, have a look at our new Parody Contest. Think about it over the Holidays, write up the funniest, wackiest parody you can think of, and post it when the contest is open for entries in the New Year. http://www.simegen.com/contest/parodycontest.html

Watch this newsletter for the Announcement of the Poetry Contest Winners! Coming Soon!

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Radio Script Workshop now in Progress! Auditors Welcome! Read the lessons, try your hand. Learn the basics of scriptwriting.


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It's the time of year for sending greeting cards to friends and family far and near. Send a free science fiction/fantasy themed electronic greeting card from Flames of Inspiration! http://www.simegen.com/marketplace/ecards/

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