Linda L. Whitten: A Tribute

Continuing a tribute for Linda L. Whitten, A Member of the SIME~GEN WELCOMMITTEE, cartoonist, fanzine contributor, who passed away in May, 2004 after a long battle with breast cancer.  The entry page to Linda L. Whitten: A Tribute

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by Michael Edelson and Ann Redding

Ann and I had known Linda since about 1991. We met her on GEnie. She was one of the first people, in fact, that we met on GEnie and exchanged e-mail with. Our discussions on the groups kept us going, laughing, crying, and in general, just enjoying her wit and wisdom. The biggest surprise was when she called us by phone and we talked for hours (about 6 if I recall...the sun was starting to come up when we said goodnight). It was like we were old friends who knew each other and were just picking up a conversation that had been going on for years and years.

We were glad to see, at one point, that Linda was "flirting" with a gentleman on the Wiccan/Pagan discussion groups on GEnie. We all had hopes that something might happen for Linda and this guy. In time they went their separate ways though. But even to this day, Bluebirdofhappiness (the gentleman's nickname) will ask us how Linda is doing. It is going to be hard to tell him of Linda's passing. Linda, you see, helped him to recover from his divorce. That is how Linda was. When someone needed her healing and loving spirit, Linda was there at the right time and place. I cannot begin to count all the times she was there for us through thick and thin.

We always enjoyed hearing about her projects, about her cats, what she did to put some rude individual in his/her place, and all that made Linda happy and full of life. To Linda the cup was always FULL..none of this half full, or half empty stuff for Linda.

Then came the time we learned she was battling breast cancer. She assured us that she was going to "kick its ass." She never told us just how bad things were. Though we knew as time went on and she told us it had spread. Sometimes having too much knowledge (as is our case) is no blessing. But still, through it all Linda kept that spirit of hers up and even though we knew she was in great pain and suffering she never let on. We know she was looking forward to going home to live with her mother. She told us then, without saying the words. We just did not want to hear. We knew, too, that she was worried about her cats, her friends, and especially, her mother. She was worried about her coven, yet she knew they would be fine. We knew she was tired and the time was near.

Ann and I sat here trying to find a way to get the money to fly out and see Linda. You see, we never met Linda face to face. But she was such a part of us, and our lives; she was always an e-mail or phone call away. We are sad to know that we never got around to that face to face meeting with Linda, because of financial problems and our handicaps.

Yet, Linda has a permanent place in our hearts, and our minds. She will always be a part of us. Linda became the big sister my biological sister was not. Linda was the sister I always wanted to have.

She may be gone but she is still a part of Ann's and my life. She will be that part that taught us, laughed with us, cried with us when Tiger passed on to Rainbow Bridge, helped us welcome Ashley when we brought her home from the animal shelter. Linda was the unexpected phone call that always makes a day bright and worth looking back on with joy. We will miss Linda and her cartoons, her humor, her "I am woman, now don't piss me off" attitude. We will miss her e-mails and the phone calls just to say HI.

Rest in Peace, dear Linda, and know that you taught us well. You made us laugh and showed us that even when things are going lousy there is something to laugh at. We will look for you in our time. Please look for Tiger and tell her that we still love her and miss her..and her spirit did well by choosing Ashley...
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Mike, Ann, and Ashley cat, too

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