A New Beginning 
Part 7

D. DaBinett 

Published as a part of A Companion In Zeor #13, 14, 15 & 16



Archer looked quickly up and down the road as soon as he materialised, relieved to find that at least as far as the Organisation was concerned, the entire area appeared to be deserted.

However something had obviously happened to cause Vidal and the others to leave the area too, but what that was, he had no idea. He bit back an expletive as he tried to decide on his next course of action.

Suddenly a low whistle drew his attention, and he saw what he first took to be a twig, but then realised was a tentacle beckoning to him from behind a low growing hedge of flowering shrubs.

Hurrying forward he stopped close to where he had seen the tentacle in the gathering gloom, and had to admit to himself, that it still might have been a twig moving in the slight breeze that had sprung up during the time he had been inside the Complex, and not a tentacle at all.

'Get down!' The words were hissed at him from somewhere near the ground and just in front of him, it was an order he automatically obeyed.

'Neil is that you? Where are the others?' He demanded as he recognised the outline of the Sime hiding in amongst the bushes.

'Keep your shenning voice down! There've been two Gen foot patrols walking passed here in the last twenty minutes,' Neil stated. 'They appear to have upped the security, I wonder why?'

'So where's Vidal and Jordan?'

'I'll tell you all about it in a minute. First things first, did you find Tony?'

'Yes, he and Jason are just inside the wall over there but we haven't yet thought of a way to get him out of there. Which is why I had to leave them in there while I came out to see if you've come up with any ideas?' Archer smiled humourlessly. 'Apart from the obvious ones of course - storm the entrance or blow up the outer wall! Oh and by the way, just to complicate matters a bit more than they already are, Tony's unconscious.'

'Shen! It never rains but it pours.'

Archer nodded just as Neil raised a tentacle in warning. 'Shhh!'

Both men fell silent as two more Gen Guards walked by between the walls of the Complex and the other side of the row of bushes where they were hiding. They both remained frozen till the two figures disappeared around the corner of the building.

'Lucky for us they're Gen,' Archer murmured, 'so tell me, where's Vidal and Jordan?'

'I'll tell you later, but first we've cobbled together a sort of plan while you were in there.'

'Cobbled together? I have to admit that that doesn't exactly inspire confidence.'

The renSime smiled grimly into the darkness. 'I agree, but unless you can come up with anything better, we're stuck with it.'

Archer was silent for a moment or two and then released the breath he had not known he was holding as he said, 'okay so tell me about it.'

'I contacted Art, he's someone I've known for quite some time. He used to work inside the Complex,' Neil began and then hesitated as he ran his tentacles through his hair before he went on. 'You know thinking about it, perhaps it's not such a bad thing that Tony's unconscious after all.'

'Why's that?'

'Because the plan might work better,' he said cryptically, and then went on. 'Art was an auxiliary worker in their Medical Section. He says that if anyone was really ill or hurt badly in an accident the staff on duty would call for help from outside the Complex, and the patient would be taken to the Infirmary on the other side of the town. You can see where this is going can't you?' He asked. Archer shook his head.

'Well it's simple really. First you or Jason place a call from inside the Complex to the Guard on the Gate, you tell them an ambulance is on its way. The people on duty at the main exit will assume it came from the Medical Section, so when you turn up with Tony lying on a gurney they'll be expecting you.

'Vidal and Jordan have already gone to commandeer a vehicle from the Infirmary, you'll have to be in position with the patient, by the time they arrive back here.'

'And that's it?'

'Yes. If all goes to plan, it could work.'

'That's a pretty big "if".' Archer said as he thought about it for a moment or two. It was a simple enough plan, but there was so much that could go wrong.

'Of course one of you will have to go to the Medical Section and pick up some auxiliary greens and a gurney to put Tony on.' Neil pointed out quickly. 'And like I said, you'll have to be there ready and waiting when Vidal and Jordan arrive. Otherwise the Guards on duty will call the Medical Section to ask where the patent is, and then the game's up!' He stopped walking up and down and spread his fingers and tentacles in the air as he looked across at the Gen. 'What do you think?'

'Truthfully? I think it stinks.' Archer stood up and rubbed his back.

'Get down you idiot, do you want someone to see you?'

'No, but my back's really hurting; and if I crouch down there any longer I'll be permanently stuck in position.' Archer stated. 'Besides, if this is going to stand any chance of working, I've got to go back inside now and start organising it. By the way when exactly did they leave here?'

'Twenty-five minutes ago; and by my reckoning it should take them thirty minutes to get there, and about the same time back. What I don't know is how long it will take for them to commandeer uniforms and a vehicle. They may be lucky straight away, and they may not. It's according to how busy the Infirmary is I suppose.'

'And that means that we're going to have to be in position, ready and waiting in say. Forty five minutes from now.' Archer said musingly

'You took the words out of my mouth.' Neil said wryly.

'Is it safe for me to move now?'

'It's clear as far as I can zlin,' The Sime said softly.

'Right then – I'm off.' Even as he spoke he began to approach the outer wall.

'Good luck!' The breeze carried the whispered words away, as Archer once more entered the Complex.


Jason's heart almost leapt into his mouth as the door of his hiding place opened and Archer stuck his head inside.

'Where the shen have you been?'

'Sorry, I didn't think I'd been all that long.' Archer said as he entered the small room.

'Well believe me, you have! Every time I heard a footstep I expected to be discovered.'

Archer grinned broadly as he assured him, 'well believe me Jason, if we're to follow the crazy plan your friends have dreamed up, you're going to have a lot more to worry about than that!'

'You know I hate to say this, but you're not exactly filling me with confidence.' Jason retorted, and then went on, 'All right don't keep me in suspense, tell me about it.'

Minutes later when Archer had outlined the proposed plan, Jason stood in silence for several seconds before he asked, 'and is that the best they could come up with?'

'Afraid so,' Archer moved to look down at Tony. Then bent over him to lift an eyelid and take his pulse. 'It just might work you know, he really does look ill.'

'That's because he is ill you idiot!'

'Isn't that what I just said?' Archer moved to the door and glanced outside, 'all clear out here. I'd better be off to the Medical Section if we're going to stand any chance of keeping to the time schedule.'

'Does that means I've got to stay here?' Jason demanded.

'Afraid so - sorry about that but I do know my way around here better than you. Besides, in an emergency I can hide by going through the wall and into one of the rooms.'

'And I can't! All right point taken I'll stay here, just don't be too long.'

'You're beginning to sound like my cousin!' Archer muttered as the door closed behind him and he disappeared up the corridor.

To Archer's relief he found it surprisingly easy to obtain auxiliary uniforms from one of the medical locker rooms. Putting one on over his clothes, he rolled the other up and tucked it under his arm.

As far as the gurney was concerned he found two lined up outside the Section itself and wasted no time in commandeering one of them. It was fitted with an anti-grav unit, which made it very easy to move, but as it also made a slight whining sound when in operation, Archer immediately turned it off, deciding he would not activate it for the time being.

Arriving back at the room where he had left the two Gens he found that he was unable to open the door. Grimacing angrily at the unexpected obstacle, he placed his shoulder against it and began to push.

'Stop that!' To Archer's surprise the words came floating through the door and he stepped back quickly. Moments later the door opened a few inches and Jason looked out muttering. 'If you'll just wait a minute I'll open up.'

Seconds later the door opened again, this time wide enough to allow Archer to squeeze inside. 'What's going on?' He demanded as he looked around the cramped space, and then stopped as he saw the reason for the delay. 'Where did they come from?'

Two men, one Sime and one Gen lay trussed up and gagged on the floor. The Gen looked to be out cold, whilst the Sime whose eyes were wide open, was fastened with his own cuffs.

'They paid an unexpected visit.' Jason explained quickly, 'but luckily not both together.'

Archer grinned at his fellow Gen. 'I'm afraid we don't have time for introductions, here, put this on.' He handed over the spare medical uniform as he spoke. 'The gurney's parked just down the corridor I'll go and fetch it and we'll lift Tony onto it. Is there any change in his condition?'

'Afraid not.' Jason replied, and then gave a brief bark of laughter, 'I know it's a cliché, but don't they say that every cloud has a silver lining?'


'Meaning, that I took a look at the roster when I signed on today and the Guards on duty at the exit are Sime, so when they zlin Tony, they're going to find one very sick patient who is genuinely unconscious; which means that hopefully they won't suspect a thing.'

Archer grinned. 'You're right. Gens would be a lot more inquisitive. Are you ready now? The sooner we get him away from here the better.' He elbowed his way out of the room again and went to fetch the gurney.

Once they had Tony settled on to it Archer asked how they were doing for time.

Jason squinted down at his chronometer. 'Fifteen minutes to go, by my reckoning. Mind you I'm not sure whether it's best to stay here for a few minutes longer, or make our way down to the exit now. After all we don't want to wait too long for them to arrive. It'll only give the guards more time to ask for medical clearance. I'd rather arrive in a rush, load Tony onto the ambulance and tell the Guard that as it's an emergency and the certificate is following him down.'

'I can see your point, but if you want my vote, I say we go now. If Jordan and Vidal turn up and we're not there waiting, the Guard on duty might just call the Medical Section to see where we are.'

'Yes good point. Mind you I suppose whatever we do, if things don't go smoothly we'll still be stuffed.' Jason shook his head ruefully. 'Okay, let's go.'

Half way to the exit Archer entered one of the offices and sent a message to the Guard on duty that a patient was on his way down from the Medical Section to await transportation to the Infirmary.

The timing could not have been better. Jason and Archer got to the exit at almost the exact time that Vidal and Jordan arrived.

As they bundled Tony into the vehicle, one of the guards suddenly called over, 'hey wait up there, what about clearance and…?'

'It's an emergency!' Archer shouted back. 'Can't you zlin his condition? He's unconscious for shen's sake!'

'Yes but...'

'Sorry we just don't have time!' Jason yelled across as Archer climbed into the back of the vehicle with Tony.

Even as he spoke Jason was slamming down the hatch door, and Vidal called out to him from the front of the vehicle. 'Just climb in and stop talking!'

Jason immediately moved to obey when another voice froze him to the spot. 'Take one more step and you're disintegrated!'

Jason slammed the side of the vehicle with his fist and shouted out, 'VIDAL! - GO!'

It was the last thing Jason remembered, as a blinding flash enveloped him and the ambulance rushed out of the loading bay on its cushion of air.

The trio with their still unconscious patient arrived back at the house in silence; and Neil who had returned ahead of them ushered them inside.

Jordan carried Tony into the room and laid him down on the couch, and the two Channels immediately begun to examine him.

'So where's Jason?' Neil demanded as it became obvious that no one was going to tell him.

'Don't ask!' Vidal snapped over his shoulder.

'Was he injured? Did you have to leave him behind?'

'It was a shenning farce!' Archer finally answered for all of them. 'All we managed to do was swap one prisoner for another! Someone inside the Organisation must be laughing themselves hoarse at our expense!'

Neil looked from one to the other and then shook his head, 'so what happened?'

In a few brief sentences Archer filled him in.

'So we don't know if he's dead or alive?'

Jordan stood up and retracted his tentacles having done what he could for Tony, before he replied quietly, 'no, we don't.'

'I'll get in touch with some of my contacts and try to find out,' Neil said at once.

'What's the point?' Archer demanded almost angrily, 'a plan like that won't work a second time, and they'll have him on round the clock surveillance this time.'

Vidal stood up suddenly feeling tense. He had been without Jason for so long while he had been incarcerated, then they had found each other again, and now this happened. 'If he's still alive, I'll have to try something.' He informed the room in general.

'Try what?' Archer asked looking across at each of the others in turn. 'I can't think of a damn thing we can try, can you?'

Neil shook his head 'I'll make some trin and...'

'Don't bother! Who wants shenning tea at a time like this anyway!'

They all turned to stare at Vidal. It was after all totally out of character for the Channel to make such an outburst.'

Vidal stood with his back to all of them his tentacles extended, and quivering in the warm air.

The Sectuib immediately moved to stand beside his friend, working the fields to calm the ambient in an endeavour to soothe Vidal's shattered composure.

Within seconds Vidal found himself relaxing as he slowly retracted his tentacles before he turned to meet three pairs of worried eyes.

'I'm sorry about that.' He said ruefully and gave Jordan a brief smile. 'I guess my time inside the Complex affected me more than I originally thought.'

Jordan nodded, 'of course it did. Sit down and try to relax Vidal, I know how you're feeling. If Jason's still alive, we will get him back.' He said reassuringly.

Vidal gave a deep sigh that turned into a shudder and ran right through his body as he sat down and closed his eyes.


Jordan glanced across at the renSime, 'I think Vidal and all of us would like that trin now Neil.' He said with a brief smile of reassurance.

'Okay, if you're sure. But after that I'll go to the clubs and see what I can find out.' Neil glanced across at Jordan as he warned, 'it may cost you.'

'That's not a problem.' The Sectuib said as the young Sime moved towards the door.

'Neil!' The renSime stopped and turned slowly towards Vidal his eyebrows raised in query. 'I take it the Gens are still going to Peridot tonight? Is everything arranged?'

'Early hours of the morning actually, don't worry it's all taken care of. They know where I'm to meet them.' Neil assured him. 'Besides, it shouldn't take me more than a couple of hours to find out if Jason's still alive. Then it'll be up to all of you.'


Jason woke to find himself in an upright position on what felt to be a hard metal bench. A stubby finger was lifting one of his eyelids, and without moving so much as a finger of his own, he knew that every inch of his body ached. In fact to be truthful, he felt like a ten ton Tarlexian Mammoth had sat down on top of him!

'Now who do we have here?' The unknown voice growled the words in his ear. 'I came to have a chat with someone called Tony Winter, but it appears that he decided to leave us, and you've come in his place. Most impolite, but never mind I don't mind a fair exchange, and I'm sure you've got a great deal to tell me, haven't you? So let's start with the basics shall we? What's your name?'

Jason remained silent as he tried to remember where he was and why he was here in the first place.

'You're not being very co-operative are you? Let's try once more shall we? Now my name's Gregory Carleton, and your name is…?'

Jason forced his eyes to open and to look at the man standing in front of him. Standing? Jason was sitting with his arms tied behind his back and the other Gen was standing in front of him. Yet their eyes were on a level. Which meant that Gregory Carleton whoever he might be was short, very short indeed, and he also had one of the most ugly faces that Jason had ever seen in his life.

Jason's eyes moved downwards to find that the man's chest and upper arms fairly bristled with muscle and extremely long dark hairs. In fact if it had not been for the small intelligent eyes that stared out at him, Gregory Carleton could well have been mistaken for an animal and not a man.

However, quite apart from everything else that Jason noticed about the man, it was the sheer coldness and complete lack of feeling in his eyes that worried and frightened him the most. No one should have eyes like that, they were soulless and without pity - a dead man's eyes.

'Ahh!' He could not stop the moan from leaving his lips as one of the man's huge fists connected with his face, and he felt the warm trickle of blood start to run down his cheek.

'I asked you a question, and I don't like talking to myself. So ANSWER ME!' He roared the last two words into Jason's ear.

'Big Daddy. My name's Big Daddy.'

The air rushed out of his body as the other fist hit him in the stomach and he slid to one side doubled over in pain.

'Don't play me for a fool. Answer me now, and truthfully, or I'll have to take off the gloves.' He warned ominously.

Jason bit his lip to stop himself from giving the sarcastic reply that hovered on the tip of his tongue, because he had learned over the years that he was sometimes his own worst enemy; and although he did not want to co-operate with this man. His name was not exactly a state secret.

'Jason - my name's Jason.'

'Jason what?'


'Jason Devere, I can't say that I've heard of you, and I know the names of most of the dissidents on this planet. But I'm sure we'll soon be far better acquainted. Now Jason, you don't mind me calling you Jason, do you? No of course you don't.' He answered his own question before he went on. 'And me? Well you can call me - Sir.

He stared at Jason for several seconds. 'And now we've got over the pleasantries, suppose we take it a step further? Where on Damus Two are you staying?' He left the question hanging in the air as he moved to the far side of the small cell and picked up a stool, which he carried back to place on the floor in front of Jason before he finally sat down. 'Now would I be right in saying Rior I wonder?'

Jason remained silent as he tried to think of an address that he could give that would not involve Neil.

Then suddenly and without warning Jason felt the man's hand grasp the skin just above his knee, and he began to squeeze. The evil smile never left his face as harder and harder his fingers dug into the flesh, and Jason realised that his tormentor was quite strong enough to keep applying pressure till his muscle quite literally popped, laying his bones bare to the air.

'The Silver Shiltpron!' He shouted the name out loud. 'I've been staying at the Silver Shiltpron.' It was a small tavern he had noticed when moving around the town. It was however several seconds before the pressure on his leg noticeably eased.

'Now that wasn't very hard was it? Mind you I would have expected a good looking young man like you to have stayed at somewhere a little more - salubrious?'

'My accommodation is dictated more by price than anything else.'

'Indeed? You surprise me. Now I know that you don't live permanently on this planet, so tell me Jason, what brought you to Damus Two in the first place?'

'How do you know I don't live here?' Jason demanded, as much to gain time as for any other reason.

Still smiling at him Carleton grabbed a handful of his chestnut hair and smashed his head back against the wall behind him. 'Please, don't try my patience! I can assure you that the consequences won't be very pleasant if you do.'

Jason now knew what it meant to quite literally, see stars! 'I came here looking for work.'

'I know. And you got a job working right here in the Complex repairing the computerised equipment, didn't you?'


'Yes, of course you did.' He gave a snort of derision. 'I've told the morons running this place that they've got to tighten up on security, but do they listen to me? Like shen they do!'

Jason kept a discrete silence, a first for him.

'So tell me Jason, why did you help our prisoner to escape?'

'One of the auxiliaries from the Medical Section asked me to help him with the gurney. I obliged. I didn't know he was a prisoner, and I didn't know he was trying to escape either.'

'I see. So you're saying the Medical Section didn't have enough staff and you had to help out. Am I correct?'

'I don't know.'

'You don't know? Yet you took off your own uniform and put on the uniform of an auxiliary - why?'

'The man told me to.'

'And you always do exactly as you're told without question, do you Jason?'

'If I'm at work, yes I do.'

'You're trying my patience again. I had hoped that we could have talked about this like two civilised men, but it looks like I shall have to fetch some of my persuaders. I don't think you'll enjoy being introduced to my persuaders Jason, do you?'

'I guess not.'

'You guess right my friend. Now as it happens I missed my last meal break, and I get very nasty when I'm hungry, so I'll go and eat. And while I'm gone I hope you'll take the opportunity to reconsider your position, and when I return, well, then we'll see won't we? Think very carefully Jason. Because when I come back, and before this night is through, I intend to know everything that you know, one way or the other. We do understand each other don't we?'

Jason stared into his persecutor's empty eyes as he licked his dry lips. He too was both hungry and thirsty. 'I'm surprised you aren't using drugs to get the information from me.' He murmured in frustration.

'Oh I will, as a last resort. After all, where's the fun in that?' He gave a roar of humourless laughter that made his ugly face look even more grotesque than before. Moments later he left the room without looking back. Leaving Jason to wait in trepidation and complete darkness for his return.

After a few moments of silence, Jason began to take stock of his situation. He knew that the cell he was in was windowless, and apart from the bench on which he was seated and the stool that Gregory Carleton had used, it was otherwise completely bare.

He had also noticed that the walls and the floor were lined with a thin layer of silver metal, which looked very similar to polished steel back on Earth. The floor itself was not level, but ran down towards a drain hole in the middle. He had once read a description of the torture chambers that had been found on Phyllab-ra. As far as he could recall, they too had had drainage holes in the torture cells, some in the middle of the floor and some running down the sides. They were put there to catch the blood.

Quickly he thrust the unwanted memory to one side and tried to concentrate on how he came to be here in the first place.

Slowly he began to remember everything prior to waking up and finding himself still alive and imprisoned here, at the tender mercy of his repulsive little tormentor.

Jason gave a sigh as he gave thanks that he had least one thing to be pleased about. Both Tony and Archer had, as far as he was aware, got clean away. The fact that he himself had not done so could be put down to nothing more sinister than plain old-fashioned bad luck.

Now what was that old adage that his father had been so fond of? "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men - Gang aft a-gley." He had never realised before just how very true those words were!

At least he knew one thing for sure. There was no way at all that he was going to be rescued from here. Oh he had little doubt that Vidal and Jordan would look into every possibility, but they too would eventually come to the same conclusion as him. This time, it was hopeless.

Jason stared into the stygian darkness. In many ways he wished that the disruptor that had brought him down had really been set to "disintegrate" and not to "stun." At least then he would not have to put up with hours - maybe days - of endless torture that could and would only end in his inevitable death.

How long he sat there simply ruminating on his plight he had no idea. But he knew that the darkness and the silence were undoubtedly getting to him, and he began to feel both disorientated and confused. Which he had little doubt, was the real purpose behind this whole exercise, and why he had been left alone. What time was it? Was it night or day outside, and how long would it be before the ugly goblin came back?

A moment or two later he gave a short sharp bark of laughter, and then wondered why he had done so? After all there was nothing at all about this whole affair that was even remotely funny or amusing. In fact, if he was ruthlessly honest with himself, it was both frightening and terrifying and he really didn't want to be here.

Jason had never thought of himself as a coward. After all he had climbed mountains, descended into the deepest caves and was quite prepared to face even the most toughest of fighters with very few qualms. Yet the thought of just sitting here completely helpless, while a sadistic degenerate like Gregory Carleton tortured him. Now that was something else again!

The light came on as suddenly as it had gone out, and the darkness disappeared as though it had never been. Jason wanted to rub his eyes but knew that he could not. After a few moments his eyes turned towards the door as he waited for it to open. He knew that this too was part of his torment. The solitude, the hunger and thirst, and now the waiting; and just as his nerves had been stretched to breaking point, the door opened and Gregory Carleton entered. In some ways it was a bit of an anti climax.

Behind the Gen came a Sime effortlessly carrying a box that was bigger than both of them. Walking across the room he placed it onto the floor beside the wall, and turned to leave.

Grotesque as Carleton undoubtedly was, like many large men he was nevertheless surprisingly light on his feet, and almost danced across the room to stand in front of his captive. 'Hungry?'

Jason nodded.

'Now why didn't you say so before? I'm afraid it's far too late the kitchen's closed. Never mind, I'm sure you can wait till tomorrow.' He sat down on the stool once more. 'Now where were we? Ah yes, of course you were about to tell me why you helped Tony Winter to escape from here.'

'I told you. I work here, one of the auxiliaries asked for my help with the gurney. I obliged. End of story... Aghh!' Carleton backhanded him almost before the words had finally left his mouth.

'So you've decided not to co-operate.' He stood up and smiled evilly down at Jason as he said softly. 'You know, to be honest with you, I'm not really sorry that you've decided to take this stance. It gives me an opportunity to introduce you to some of my "toys".'

Yet again Jason watched in fascination as the almost deformed creature moved gracefully across to the box before be squatted down on the floor and threw back the lid. The expression on his face as he gazed down at the contents could only be described as reverential. Indeed it was almost as if he was looking at a precious stone or a holy artefact; and a cold shiver ran down Jason's back as he watched, fascinated despite his trepidation, yet unable to pull his eyes away. Much as the bystander to an accident would watch the blood and gore with horror written large on their faces, yet make no move to walk away.

Moments later he saw Carleton delve even deeper into the box before he pulled out several items that he placed on the floor beside him. Nodding and muttering to himself as he did so; and Jason tried as he might, could not decide what they were for or how they would be used. But he had little doubt that he would soon find out.

Jason's green eyes opened wide with apprehension as Carleton rose to his feet, and picking up the odd assortment of paraphernalia he had gathered together, he began to approach him again.

'I'm so sorry to keep you waiting,' he almost purred the words as he drew closer. 'I think first I'll introduce you to...'

Jason never did hear the end of that particular sentence, for a strange feeling suddenly encompassed his entire body, and he felt himself being sucked backwards as though he were entering a giant mouth. Instinctively he closed his eyes. But before he could scream or even begin to feel fear, he was being blown out again.

Indeed he felt as if he himself was a balloon that was first expanded and then deflated; and for a few moments he was suspended in time, as his entire universe disappeared and then reappeared again.

This time however, instead of finding himself sitting on the hard metal bench in the cell; he opened his eyes to find himself lying on the cold ground outside the Complex.

'What the shen!?' He threw back his head and looked up to find himself gazing into the face of a Sime female who looked almost familiar, yet be knew he had never met her before.

She was already untying him muttering softly as she did so, 'I'm sorry but I had no way of warning you about that. Are you still feeling disorientated?'

'I don't know, what the hell happened to me?' Jason asked, still feeling shocked, 'and who're you anyway? You look familiar, but I don't know you do I?'

'No you don't. I'm Tammy. I believe you know my twin brother, Archer? And to answer your other question, I just teleported you out of there.'

'You teleported me!?' Jason stared at her in surprise. 'Archer can't do that!'


'We have different talents. Come, we have to get away from here; believe me they won't let you escape without trying to recapture you. Further questions must wait.' She removed the last of his bonds as she spoke, breaking them easily and dropping the ropes to the ground, before she helped him to his feet.

'Can you walk or shall I carry you?'

'Thanks just the same but I'll manage, you've done enough. Just lead the way.' Without further argument and taking him at his word Tammy set off at a fast pace away from the Complex, with Jason following behind trying to keep up.



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