A New Beginning 
Part 4
To Thine Own Self Be True

D. DaBinett 

Published as a part of A Companion In Zeor #13 , 14 & 15



Tony lead Vidal into what was obviously Jordan’s private rooms. He was introduced to his friend’s wife Sabrina, a tall slim Gen who had a mass of long brunette hair. They all talked for several minutes, and then she smiled at Vidal. ‘I hope you’ll forgive me for deserting you like this, but I haven’t eaten since breakfast. I’ve been trying to get Jordan to join me for dinner, but.’ She shrugged and smiled.

‘Breakfast tomorrow I promise.’

‘You heard him Tony?’ The Companion nodded, and she turned back to their visitor. ‘I hope we can spend more time together on another occasion Vidal. Perhaps when my husband isn’t quite so busy, and is not wishing me to run along, as he is at the moment.’

‘Help. Even my wife is able to zlin me now.’ Jordan laughed, and then blew her a kiss as the door closed behind her.

‘She’s a lovely woman Jordan, too good for you.’

‘Don’t I just know it. I sometimes wonder what I’ve done to deserve so much happiness, Sabrina and Tony.’ And he winked across at his Companion.

‘I’m sorry to hurry you Jordan, but I must leave soon, Jason will be getting worried. So tell me, what exactly did you want to talk to me about?’

‘Sam Betjeman sent me files on all the assignments you have carried out recently, more especially the ones you have completed with Jason.’ Jordan studied his friend’s field closely. ‘I suppose you’re wondering why?’

‘It did cross my mind. You’ve never shown much interest in the TIB before.’

‘True. But tell me Vidal. What do you think of the Distect and the Organisation.’

Vidal subjected Jordan’s field to the same scrutiny that he had suffered, before he replied. ‘Tell me. Do you want an honest answer to that question my friend, or a diplomatic one?’

‘An honest one - every time.’

‘Then that’s what you’ll get. Because to me it hardly seems fair to mention them both in the same breath. The Distect are what they are, simply because the way they wish to run their lives, does not suit the Tecton. The Organisation on the other hand, are just plain evil.’

‘I agree.’

‘You do? You amaze me.’

‘I’m not a moron you know.’

‘I’d never dare suggest that you are.’

‘Controller Betjeman tells me that he has another assignment lined up for you when you finish this vacation. After which I believe you are due for more R & R?’

Vidal nodded. ‘Yes, I have to go and make my peace with my father. Our - disagreement has gone on long enough. Besides I wish to introduce Jason to my family.’

‘After which I’ve asked Betjeman to release both of you from TIB service for at least a year and a half, possibly longer, to work with me.’

‘I see. And am I allowed to ask why?’ Vidal asked his voice suddenly cold.

‘Calm down my friend, and I’ll try to explain my reasons. First, there is something I must tell you about my own personal life, simply because it’s relevant. At the moment apart from my wife and I, Tony is the only other one who knows. Sabrina and I are starting a family, in fact she is already pregnant.’

‘Congratulations.’ Vidal was well aware of the pressure that would undoubtedly have been brought to bear on the Sectuib, to produce at least one heir for Zeor.

Jordan nodded his thanks. ‘Obviously, as I am sure you will appreciate, I must see Sabrina through both the pregnancy and birth, before I can turn my attention to anything else. Second: I have to oversee the move of this facility, and all the others, to Phobos, and then the smooth handing over to Bren. So that he can get the trial under way. Sabrina will be able to accompany me to Phobos, so there is no problem there.’


Vidal looked across at Tony and then zlinned the ambient, but gained nothing at all from the exercise. He’d forgotten just how good Jordan and Tony were, especially together.

Jordan smiled as though he could read Vidal’s thoughts, as he went on. ‘The Tecton has been considering a rather radical approach to the Distect problem. Although some of our more conservative members are not too keen as you can appreciate.’

Vidal did not bother to say that he had always thought of Zeor as being the most conservative of all the members of the Tecton, so he simply nodded his agreement.

‘As you yourself have said, the Distect are not inherently criminal. But because of the way they have to live, hounded from one planet to another, unable to find a real haven anywhere. They have no alternative but to work alongside the Organisation even though they might not wish to do so. As well as helping them in various, shall we say - unorthodox ways.’

Jordan spread out his fingers and studied his tentacles for a moment. ‘Now consider. What if we were to allow the Distect to colonise various planets, in the same way that we allow other groups from Earth to do so? Trading with them, and protecting them under the Terran umbrella, the same as any other colony. The only difference would be, that they would not be allowed to travel to Earth, but would have to remain in their own planetary system. In effect, we would treat them the same as any alien race, whose life style is not really compatible with our own.’

‘It could work. In fact I expect the vast majority of them would jump at the chance. The others? Well they’d go and join the Organisation anyway. What have we got to lose?’

‘Nothing. And that is the beauty of it. The Distect would all be in one place, where we can keep an eye on them. They will be effectively split away from the Organisation. Which of course means that it will be easier for us to move against the Organisation, wherever and whenever we wish.’

Tony suddenly got up. ‘Do either of you fancy a candy bar?’ He asked, and when both Channels shook their heads, he helped himself to one from the cupboard and took a bite before he sat down again.

‘Of course, there is another possible benefit from such an arrangement too.’ Jordan added. ‘Put in a nutshell. Because of their unorthodox life style, accepting as they do that almost any Gen can give transfer to any Sime, if he or she is willing. It might well be possible for a large number of our juncts, to go and live amongst them. At the very least, it means that we could offer some of them an alternative to drug therapy, for the rest of their lives.’

‘Sounds good, but where do we come into all this?’

‘You and Jason are essential to the plan, as are Tony and I. We estimate that the Distect are split into perhaps a hundred or more splinter groups. We have to make contact with all the main ones, and make our offer. With any luck the thing should snowball, with one cluster or outpost telling another. Our biggest worry is what happens when the Organisation gets wind of what we are about. As they undoubtedly will sooner or later, because we know that their members go to the Distect for long term medical care, and to recuperate. And that’s not counting the fact that they do most of their recruitment from the Distect too.’

‘It’s an audacious plan Jordan, and an ambitious one.’ Vidal said slowly.

‘Agreed. But putting all that aside, what do you think?’

‘What do I think? I think it’s the best plan the shenning Tecton have come up with in years.’

‘Jordan came up with it, not the Tecton.’ Tony informed him quickly.

Vidal laughed out loud. ‘Tony, haven’t you learned yet what the rest of us already know? The Sectuib in Zeor is the shenning Tecton! They just haven’t got around to admitting it yet.’

‘Don’t be ridiculous.’ Jordan waved a dismissive tentacle in the air as he went on. ‘So you’re in? I can tell Sam Betjeman to arrange the transfer after your next R and R?’

‘Yes, but for the sake of courtesy.’ And peace! ‘I’ll have to speak to my Companion first. I don’t envisage any problem, so yes; you can count both of us in as part of the team. But it’s not going to be easy you know. The Organisation wont take any of this lying down. In their eyes we’ll be cutting off their main lifeline.’ He warned. ‘It’ll probably be the most dangerous assignment we’ve ever undertaken. You’re both prepared for that I suppose?’

‘I never expected it to be easy Vidal, and neither does Tony. And to be honest with you, being in overall charge of these three places here on Earth has been like wearing a straight jacket. I have to stretch myself again, before I stagnate. But not a word to Sabrina please, I don’t want to worry her, especially not at this time.’

‘Of course not.’ Vidal nodded grimly, as he admitted. ‘That’s one of the reasons I’ve never got married. Worrying about my Companion is bad enough. A wife and family too, would just about finish me off. In that respect at least, I don’t envy you.’

A light tap on the door had them all turning to look at the young renSime who was standing there.

‘Apologies for disturbing you Sectuib. But our external sensors have detected intruders out by the rocks.’

Jordan stood up at once. ‘Intruders, are you sure it’s not the sea lions like last time? Has anyone been outside to check?’

‘No Sectuib. Sosu Tony told us about someone spotting one of our outdoor exercise parties from a boat, and warned us not to go outside again without permission.’

‘Tony?’ Jordan looked across at his Companion, his eyebrows raised.

‘Sorry Sectuib, I meant to tell you after you had finished with Hajene Vidal, I didn’t have time before.’

‘My fault Vidal, I told Tony about some of your Gens being seen.’ Vidal stated at once, not wishing to get Tony into trouble. ‘I was going to mention it to you, but you were with Sabrina at the time.’

‘I see. Well, no harm done, I hope. I’ll go and take a look outside myself. It hardly seems possible that anyone could have got passed the force field undetected, and in one piece.’ Jordan stated.

‘The sea lions did.’ Vidal said flatly as he followed his friend out of the room and down the corridor that lead to one of the few outside doors.



Ian opened his eyes and squinted up at the Sun. Daylight that meant it was morning already. Just how long had he been lying here, and where exactly was here, and what was the soft thing he was lying on?

Then it hit him. He and Morgan had made it to Spooky Island. Morgan and he had swallowed lots of seawater and both of them had felt ill, in fact they had each thrown up at least twice since Ian had dragged himself up on to this rock, and then pulled his friend up beside him. They had both then either passed out or fallen asleep, and somehow he had ended up using Morgan’s body as a pillow.

He looked apprehensively down at his friend, wondering if he were still alive. They had both been pretty shaken and battered when they had finally arrived here on the colony in the early hours of the morning. The fog and mist covering the island had hidden the arrival of dawn from both boys, and judging from the Sun’s position in the sky, Ian estimated it was not very far off midday. Holy hell, what would Morgan’s parents be thinking, and come to that, what would his Mum and Dad be thinking too? Double holy hell! - what about Fletch? A groan from beside him drew his attention back to his friend.

‘Morgan, are you all right? Have you stopped throwing up now? Cause we’ve got to get away from here before the zombies find us.’

Another moan was his only answer. ‘What’s the matter?’ He asked again.

‘I’ve been awake for hours while you’ve been asleep, and I feel really, really ill.’

‘No you don’t, you only think you do.’ Ian said stoutly, as he got up onto his knees and looked around. As luck would have it they were both marooned on one of the smallest rocks that was nearest to the main part of the Island. ‘Remember I told you about that book I read? It was about the power of positive thought. If you think you’re not ill, then you wont be!’

‘But I can’t pretend I’m not ill, when I know that I am, can I?’ His friend demanded with undeniable logic, and then asked. ‘Have you thrown up again?’

‘No thank God and neither would you if you hadn’t swallowed so much seawater. I warned you, didn’t I? You aren’t feeling too sick to swim to the Island from here are you? It’s only about twenty yards away.’

‘But if we go there, the zombies will just be waiting for us so what’s the point of that?’ Morgan asked, and then bent over again. ‘I’m going to throw up again.’

‘Well lean over that way, holy hell, don’t you dare do it over me.’ Ian said at once. ‘I’m going to have to swim across, and see if I can find someone who can help us.’ He made the decision with far more determination than he actually felt.

Morgan ignominiously threw up into the sea before he gasped out. ‘Fletch said he saw a witch here too.’ Then he rolled into a ball with a groan, trying to alleviate the pain in his body.

‘You feeling better now?’

‘No. I ache all over, my back my arms my legs.’ Morgan moaned.

‘That’s because I had to pull you up out of the sea, and roll you to the middle of the rock, away from the edge.’ Ian informed him.

‘Yes, and it was a hard swim too, I didn’t think I was going to make it. Hey, do you think Fletch has gone for help?’ Morgan coughed up more seawater and then began to shiver.

‘Not unless he now knows how to sail the boat he hasn’t, are you still feeling cold?’ Ian asked and then without waiting for a reply, he stood up to get a better look at the water that he would have to swim through, to get from here to the island. He had to do it though. Morgan was starting to look really pale and sickly.

His mind made up; he stood up and looked down at his friend. Then pulling off his now partially dry or partially wet thermal shirt, (according to which way you looked at it); he laid it over his friend. ‘I’ll be as quick as I can. You stay here and don’t move, promise?’

‘Promise. But be quick, I feel really, really bad.’

‘So you said before. I won't be long.’ Seconds later Ian eased himself down into the water. He dare not dive for fear of hitting hidden rocks, under the surging water.


Jason stood on the cliff top and stared across at Rockall. It looked much closer and less intimidating in the clear light of day. Who would have thought that when he and Vidal had stood on this very spot the other morning, talking to Ian, his young life would so quickly have been wiped out, by the cruel sea? He rubbed his eyes wearily. This was without doubt the worst day of his life.

He and Haan had made the return trip to Dunedin in a heavy silence. On the walk from the harbour to his parents' home, he had felt rather like a condemned man must have felt years ago as he faced his execution.

How he had found the courage to tell his mother and father that their youngest son was dead, he didn’t know. At the last moment, the carefully thought out words that he had planned to use, had deserted him, and he had merely blurted it out. He had then stood in numbed silence as his father put his arms around his mother and they had both cried silently together.

Shen it, they didn’t even have a body to bury. Jason sighed, for he knew that his mother at least would never accept Ian’s death if she had no grave over which to mourn and grieve.

If Ian and Morgan had drowned trying to get to Rockall then the sea might well have carried their bodies either to the island itself, or possibly onto the rocks.

Therefore it followed, that if the authorities, which administered the isolation clinic on Rockall did find the two boys. He doubted they would ever return the bodies to their parents. Probably for fear that they might have become infected. No matter how slim such a chance might in reality be.

No, if they wanted to bury the boys properly, then someone had to go and find them and bring them back, and that meant him. For he had little doubt that he was quite possibly one of the strongest swimmers on Dunedin. On top of that of course, the islanders were all very law abiding people, and he was probably the only one who was prepared to break the law, and not really worry very much about any possible consequences. At least, not over an issue like this.

His mind made up; he began to think of the best way of getting to Spooky Island. He was reluctant to ask Haan or anyone else to take him there this time, for that would involve them in his scheme, and that was the last thing that he wanted. Could he perhaps borrow a boat? If so, it would have to be either sail or power, a rowing boat would be no good at all, not that far out at sea.

Then, it hit him! What about his father’s boat, the Sea Sprite? True he hadn’t finished fixing it, but it shouldn’t take all that long, not if he made a start right away. Vidal had brought all the parts he had requested from the mainland. His mind made up, he hurried back to the harbour and by working for the rest of the day and most of the night too, he had the old boat ready to leave at dawn the next day. Thankfully the sea around Spooky Island was fairly calm now. The wind had died down too, and he dropped anchor, and then prepared himself. He had brought Niall’s wet suit and diving equipment, and was soon ready.

His temper started to get quite ragged as he waited for a Seal to appear. In fact, he was almost at the point of trying to find his own way through, even though he knew it would be foolish to even attempt such a thing. When finally his patience was rewarded as two Seal’s approached from the port side. Without hesitation Jason entered the water in their wake.


Jordan stopped beside the heavy steel outer door and keyed in the necessary code. Silently it slid open, and the two men stepped outside into the Sunlight.

They looked and zlinned in both directions. ‘Nothing.’ Vidal said finally.

‘I’m not so sure. Come; let us walk around the perimeter. This way.’ Jordan strode off to his left with Vidal beside him.

‘Yes, I too am getting something now.’

Jordan increased his pace. ‘I think, yes it must be. It’s a child.’ The Channels began to run, and both men started to augment as they pounded over the flat rocks following the high wall. As they turned the corner, Vidal saw the young boy at once. He was about two hundred yards away, and was picking his way on bare feet over the sharp rocks at the waters edge.

‘It’s Ian.’ He shouted to Jordan. ‘How the shen did he get here?’

‘I have no idea, but he must - Vidal, get that child to safety! There’s a berserker coming out of the water right behind him!’ Even as Jordan called the warning, Vidal too had zlinned the berserker’s approach.

Augmenting Vidal simply threw himself at Ian, knocking him off his feet and back into the water again. Jordan lunged to intercept the new Sime his show field projecting Gen to entice him, but he sprang towards Vidal, who was also broadcasting Gen. Both were prepared to give first transfer if necessary.

Ian, lying on his backside in the water where he had been unceremoniously knocked, watched fascinated as the two Simes momentarily faced Morgan, and he realised that one of them was Vidal. Even as Ian watched, Vidal stopped projecting Gen. Immediately Morgan turned to the strange Sime who unhesitatingly entwined tentacles, and then touched lips with his friend.

Vidal plucked Ian out of the water. ‘How the shen did you get here Ian?’ He demanded angrily.

‘We wanted to see the zombies. Hey, double holy hell, Morgan’s a Sime! Hey Morgan you’re a Sime! Why didn’t you tell me huh?’ He shouted and broke away from Vidal, who automatically let him go, and watched as he ran to his friend’s side.


‘Double holy hell why didn’t you tell me?’ He demanded again.

‘Because he didn’t know.’ Jordan informed him with a smile, then grabbed hold of Morgan, as he appeared to stagger. ‘Careful there. I think I’d better carry you inside, and have a proper look at you young man.’

‘Is he all right?’ Ian asked looking to Vidal for an answer.

‘He’s fine Ian. And he’s a pretty lucky Sime too. It’s not many who can say they’ve had first transfer from the Sectuib in Zeor.’

They all began to walk back across the rocks. Morgan looking annoyed at being carried by Jordan.

‘And I want a full explanation from both of you as to exactly how you got here. I take it you know both of them Vidal?’


‘This one, yes. He’s Ian, Jason’s young brother. Do your parents know where you are?’ Vidal asked looking from one to the other.

‘No, not unless Fletch told them.’ Ian informed him.

‘Oh I should have guessed that Fletch is involved in this too. I suppose it was his story about zombies on Spooky Island that brought you both out here?’

‘Sort of.’ Ian mumbled. ‘Hey Morgan, don’t you go thinking you can boss me around now, just because you’re Sime.’ He warned.

‘Huh I can run faster than you can now and I’ll be able to hit you and knock you down if you try to push me around again. Besides, I’m am adult now, you’re still a child.’ Morgan said with obvious relish.

‘Indeed you wont do any such thing young man! You do not hit children or Gens - ever!’ Jordan stated, glaring down at the young Sime he was carrying. ‘And that is your first lesson as a Sime, and perhaps the most important one too. Remember it!’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘You don’t call him Sir, not if he’s Sectuib in Zeor, ‘cause that means he’s a Channel. I’m right, aren’t I?’ And he gazed across at Jordan for confirmation, but it was Vidal who answered.

‘Ian’s right Morgan. Jordan is a Channel, like me, so you call him Hajene.’

‘Aye, I remember now, we learned about you in school. You’re famous aren’t you?’ Morgan asked his eyes opening wide with awe.

‘The house I serve, and the office I hold, are famous. Not me.’

‘Shen it all, stop being so self-effacing Jordan. Morgan’s right. You’re probably one of the most important, if not the most important man on this planet.’ Vidal told his friend with a grin. ‘Accept it. Because even you, can’t change fact!’

‘What have you got there?’ Tony was standing in the doorway as they entered. ‘Where did they come from?’

‘Gifts from the sea! The youngster walking beside Vidal is the younger brother of his Companion. And this young man, is a brand new Sime. I have just given him first transfer. But I think they both need checking over thoroughly. It would seem they have spent some considerable time in the water, swallowed quite a lot of it too if I’m not mistaken.’

‘Aye you’re right there. Morgan’s been throwing up all over the place.’ Ian wrinkled his nose in distaste.

‘The water didn’t help matters I agree, but I expect he was vomiting for other reasons, than simple water.’ Vidal joined in.

‘I’ll get them some food and a hot drink when you’ve finished examining them.’ Tony informed Jordan.

‘By the way Ian. Where did you leave Fletch? I take it he came with you on this mad escapade?’ Vidal asked.

‘Aye. He stayed with the boat. He doesna swim very good. I expect he took her back to Dunedin.’

‘He might not have done Ian. He isna very good with sail boats you ken?’

‘Whose boat was it?’ Vidal asked them.

‘Raine’s, we kinda borrowed it. He’s gone off with the Seagull.’

‘You "kind of" borrowed it?’ Vidal repeated grimly, and then turned to Jordan. ‘You’d better arrange for some one from the Centre on the mainland to go and look for young Fletch. Just in case he wasn’t able to make it home.’

‘I agree. I also think that both of them would benefit from a few hours sleep, while we make arrangements to contact their parents and see about their safe return.’ Jordan stated.

‘I dinna want to sleep in the middle of the day.’ Ian said at once.

‘Nor me.’ Out of habit, Morgan agreed with his friend.

‘I want no arguments from either of you.’ Vidal threatened. ‘Be pleased I don’t lock you in one of the rooms and throw away the key. The trouble you have no doubt caused, not just here on the island, but to your parents too, doesn’t bear thinking about. You should both be ashamed of yourselves. And what Jason will have to say I don’t.’

‘Vidal, please. I don’t think that’s really necessary. They’re both sorry I’m sure. And besides, if they hadn’t come here, I would never have had the great pleasure of giving Morgan first transfer would I?’ The Channel gave both of them, Morgan and Ian, one of his most charming smiles.

Vidal shook his head and Tony winked across at him. For they both knew that when he wanted to, the Sectuib in Zeor could charm the birds out of the trees.

An hour or so later, duly examined, fed and bathed; both Ian and Morgan were put to bed, in the same room.

‘You’ll find that Ian’s tiredness will help you to sleep.’ Jordan told Morgan. ‘Now, is there anything either of you wish us to tell your parents?’

‘Just that we’re sorry Hajene.’

‘Aye, say we’re sorry.’ Ian agreed at once, then glanced across at Morgan, who nodded for him to go ahead. ‘There aren’t any zombies or vampires here on Spooky Island, are there?’

‘No, I’m afraid not. Just very sick people.’ Jordan said quietly.

‘Aye, we guessed as much.’ Ian said sadly, speaking for both of them.


It was the following morning as Vidal was having breakfast with Sabrina and Jordan that Tony arrived.

‘Sorry to be late. I just looked in on our two young visitors. They’re awake and I’ve ordered breakfast for them in their room.’

‘How are they? I looked in myself during the night, but they were both fast asleep.’ Vidal stated, as Tony sat down and helped himself to a bowl of warm milky oats.

‘They look fine. Morgan is busy learning to zlin, and Ian was trying to bribe him into letting him tie knots in his tentacles, which I don’t think was appreciated by Morgan. Apart from that, their squabbling alone sounded healthy enough to me.’

‘I’ll check on them later.’ Jordan said with a grin.

Vidal handed Tony a glass of trin. ‘I spoke to Betty and Simon last night, young Ian’s parents. Needless to say they were ecstatic at the news that both of them are alive and well. I assumed that Jason was still on the Montrose with his brothers, but apparently he returned home. He and another man found Raine’s boat near to Rockall capsized, with Fletch clinging to the hull. Which means that Fletch is alive too. But of course, everyone, including Jason, assumed that Ian and Morgan were most probably drowned.’

‘So where is your Companion now?’ Sabrina enquired gently.

‘I’ve no idea, except that he’s not at home.’ Vidal turned to look across at Jordan. ‘When you’ve had a look at both of them, do you think you can arrange for the shuttle to take all three of us back to the mainland? We’ll catch the ferry back to Dunedin. By the way, what do they do with new Simes in this part of the world?’

‘Well their choices are a bit more limited than they would be in any of the Cities. But the local Sime Centre runs a boarding school so he’ll have an opportunity to go there if he wishes, and just go home at a weekend. Otherwise, he can continue to live at home with his family, carry on at his present school, and take extra lessons at the Sime Centre both during the week and at weekends. It’ll be up to him what he does, and to a lesser extent his parents of course. With all our education, Gen parents still think of young Simes as children, and not adults. There’s little we can do about that. Controller Putting will have a talk with him and explain his options.’ Jordan looked keenly across at his friend as he studied his field. ‘I take it you don’t think much of Putting?’

‘No. When he heard the name "Trent", he practically groveled.’ Vidal said with distaste. ‘My father loves that sort of thing, I suppose it makes him feel more superior, than he does already. Personally, I hate it.’

Jordan laughed. ‘I know what you mean. The only time I met Putting, years ago now. I thought he was going to prostrate himself on the floor. It worried me for a moment, in case he actually did! But putting all that aside, as a simple administrator, he’s good at his job. If he wasn’t, I’d have had him out of there years ago.’

Vidal relaxed. Trust Jordan to have his finger on the pulse of everything that came under or within his jurisdiction.

Sabrina then excused herself and left, and the three men were all on the point of leaving too, when a tap on the door heralded the same renSime who had interrupted them the day before. ‘Apologies once again Sectuib. We detected another intruder. As you instructed, the Gen was apprehended and is under guard.’

Another one? I don’t believe this.’ Jordan jumped to his feet looking annoyed. ‘What do they think this is - a tourist centre? I take it our visitor isn’t injured?’ The renSime shook his head in negation. ‘Good. Leave it with me Ambron. I’ll be along shortly.’

‘I wonder who it is, and what he’s doing here?’ Tony asked as the door closed behind the young renSime.

‘It could be one of the reporters that Sam Betjeman mentioned.’ Vidal reminded them.

‘Doubtful. Unless they know where all these Centres are located, and have more than one team on the project.’ Jordan stated, ‘two reporters who apparently work for The Probe, were arrested trying to break into facility number two. The Tecton are throwing the book at them of course. With the move to Phobos so close now, the last thing we want is any more trouble from outsiders interfering with our schedule.’

‘I see. Well it seems I was wrong.’ Vidal said slowly. He went on to explain about the five Gens who he and Jason had met on board the Montrose. He smiled, ‘when they said they were sailing around the islands to try and find suitable locations for a holoplay. Well, to be honest, it sounded like an ideal excuse to me. I guess I’ve been involved in all this cloak and dagger business with the TIB for too long! I’m beginning to trust no one.’

‘No. I could be the one who’s wrong.’ Jordan said quickly. ‘They could well have sent another team here. After all, an isolation clinic here at the back of beyond. Now if you were a reporter looking for just such a place?’ And he looked from Tony to Vidal with his eyebrow raised.

Tony nodded. ‘Logically. Where better than here?’

‘Well there’s no point in our standing here speculating. Let’s go and have a word with him, and see what he wants.’ Vidal suggested.

The room in which the Gen had been detained was as well insulated as every other room in the facility. Therefore Vidal was as surprised as the others, if not more so, when the door was opened and they entered.


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