Jocelyn Stewart

Tecton Life

If chance together us should bring
Dance with me the joy of spring

If by chance again we meet
Cool me in the summer's heat

And if by chance you get to stay
Warm me when the leaves turn gay

But if by chance you have to go
Play one last game in winter's snow

Ice and Fire

Touch me, I am Ice
Burning crystal Ice
Silver glistening Ice
Death is made of Ice

Touch me, I am Fire
Cold and distant Fire
Golden gentle Fire
Life is made of Fire

Dying in the Ice
Living in the Fire
Needing life and light
Filling Ice with Fire

Gen to Sime

In the wind the leaves go dancing
Round and round they're prancing
The briefest touch just chancing
We too were made for dancing.

When life and death go dancing
Who leads? Who follows? chancing
Life's rhythm keeps enhancing
The music of our dancing

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This story was written by Jocelyn Stewart, who did the HTML conversion too.

From Companion In Zeor #14

Last modified on 14 July 1998