Cherri Muñoz

Cherri Muñoz was born in Baytown, Texas which is close to Houston. She has been married to Carlos Muñoz since 1974 and learned to speak Spanish while living in Caracas, Venezuela between 1974-1997. Carlos is a Chilean who became an US citizen in 1995 and who is an Automotive Engineer studying for a doctorate in Anthropology. (Yes, the two are connected.) Carlos and Cherri have a son studying Music.

Cherri is an Electrical Engineer with Environmental Engineering, Network, and Computer training. She worked at Rockwell International for nine years doing a variety of Quality Assurance jobs for the MX Missile (Peacekeeper) program. (Missiles with nuclear warheads as the payload). In 1991, she was laid off and has been unemployed since that time. Without a job, she decided to learn the art of writing. Learning to write had been a dream she had had since she was in high school. At 39 years of age, she wrote her first words. These first words were the predecessor to My Life is My Own.

Sime/Gen fandom has been one of her major fandoms for more years than she can remember. She is also a big Forever Knight fandom and was one of the NATPE 7. The NATPE 7 handed out bags and brochures at the National Association of Television Producers Executives and requested that they "Go to TriStar and Ask for a Fourth Season" in hopes that Forever Knight would be renewed. She has participated in several Forever Knight Writing Wars. In FK fandom, she is well known as the CERK cow since she was superglued into a Cow Costume during War 5 and wasn't able to remove it until War 7. (Long story - for those interested, please EMail her at

Cherri enjoys painting shirts and making costumes. She spent more than a year making three householding capes in which she learned to embroidery so the Householding Tien symbols could adorn them. She also made householding Tien shirts and designed a tentacled body shirt. One of her two Companions is considered extremely uppity. (At least that is what Jacqueline said.)

Her other fandoms include: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton, PSI Factor, Dawson's Creek, The Sentinel, all the Star Treks, all the Highlanders, The Professionals, Blake's 7, Lois and Clark, Darkover, and anything that includes vampires.

Cherri is currently in writing limbo until she can reorganize her life. In the meantime, she is the channel manager of the #simegen channel where she plays Controller Veraik ambrov Liorie in the Bender Cove Sime Center roleplaying group. #simegen is an UnderNet IRC channel. Some of her other characters include Tramila Farris ambrov Zeor, Galinda ambrov Liorie, Rafael Domingus Farris de la Fuente en Carmen ambrov Zeor, Rhelana, Paulatino, Simone del Milan Farris ambrov Zeor, and Libby.

THE WORKS OF Cherri Muñoz






My Life Is My Own is a coming-of-age story of a young boy who must free himself of parental domination in order to search out his own personal destiny. It's not an action/adventure story in the sf tradition, but a heart-warming tale of personal triumph in the search for Identity.