the Chanel Saga

is a series of short stories depicting the history of Chanel a daughter House to Zeor. It is recommended that your read the background material,

CZ#10Shining star by Marge Robbins a not so typical changeover story
CZ#10STEP AFTER STEP by Marge Robbins Kareen, a young gen who later founds householding Chanel learns what it means to be ambrov Zeor
LIGHT OF ZEOR by Marge Robbins and Jacqueline Lichtenberg This story covers the founding of householding Chanel born from Zeor
WORST WAY TO DIE by Marge Robbins Aran, Sectuib in Chanel, has the unenviable task of convincing out territory Gens that Simes are not evil demons
CONTROLLER'S DILEMMA by Marge Robbins and Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer Aran, Sectuib in Chanel has to chose between obeying Tecton rules or honoring his Oath to Chanel as he struggles to help Frevven the last disjunct channel
CZ #11BE NOT AFRAIDby Marge Robbins A young channel learns the hard way what it means to be ambrov Chanel