Zeor Dagger

Householding chanel

Fan Fic background

Zeor Dagger

Chanel's history begins with the arrival of Jimin and Kareen at Zeor sometime circa HOUSE OF ZEOR.

Jimin is a channel from out territory, although his grandparents were Gens born on the Sime side of the border. They lived in Zeor for a while before deciding to cross the border. Jimin has a great uncle named Estabon who was a channel in Zeor and helped Jimin's grandparents cross the border safely. Jimin's grandfather died escorting Jimin to Zeor when he changed over. He made it safely though and had first transfer with a Zeor Companion.

Kareen's background is more colorful. She was born the daughter of a gen farmer in Gulf Territory. When she established as Gen her father locked her up intending to sell her as breeding stock. But she escaped and ran to nearby Householding Keon. There she was trained as a Companion, but never succeeded in pledging.

Unhappy with being unable to pledge, she left Keon and crossed into Gen territory where she became a drifter. Gradually she worked her way northward to settle in a border town near Zeor. However, being in Gen territory did not make her happy. She was depressed and restless longing to be back in-territory again. Finally she was run out of town by the sheriff for attempting to help a sime in changeover. She got lost and strayed across the border where she was captured by raiders who sold her to an auction house. She was bought by Klyd Farris who took her to Zeor. After much difficulty she succeeded in qualifying and pledging unto Zeor. She and Jimin married, and for a time were fairly content.

Then, Hugh Valleroy entered the picture and had a profound effect on Kareen. He filled her head with Distect ideas. This started a series of arguments with Klyd that culminated in her and Jimin leaving Zeor to found their own house. This occurred shortly after the founding of RIOR.

Kareen ran the House as Sosectu until after Unity when the Tecton refused to recognize Chanel unless it had a Sectuib. This almost destroyed Chanel, but finally her son, Aran, was able to win the support of the members to become Sectuib and Chanel joined the Tecton.

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