A World in Developement


Sime~Gen is not just another series of books, but an entire universe developed by professional writers and loving fans alike. In the table below we have articles published in the fanzines over the years. Reading these will give you some idea how this wonderful universe developed.



CZ#1 6/78 Development of First Channel By Jean Lorrah Some background in the genesis of First Channel
CZ#2 11/78 Son of First Channel by Jean Lorrah   Discover how Channel's Destiny came about
CZ#2 11/78 Review of Cassendra Risingby Jean Lorrah Contains an analysis of Vanillamint Tapestry by JL
CZ #3 2/79 The man who came to by Jean Lorrah  Background on Abel Verritt
CZ#4 5/79 Expanding the universeby Jean Lorrah Where did Ambrov keon come from?
CZ#4 5/79 What? Another universe?by Jean Lorrah The birth of Jean's Savage Empire universe
CZ#5 8/80 In the news: Dr. Jean Lorrahby Jean Lorrah English professor will publish SF love stories in '80
ZF#2 5/80 The case of the One-Armed Donorby Jean Lorrah Background on Owen Lodge Zeth's Farris's Companion
;ZF#3 11/80Of Wer-Gens and Red Killer Whalesby Jean Lorrah  More background on Owen Lodge
ZF#3 6/82The Starred-Crossby Jean Lorrah A chapter from an early draft of First Channel that later got cut.
Male Chauvenism in the House of Zeorby Jean Lorrah 
AZ #17Roots of Zeorby Marge Robbins Correspondence between Jean Lorrah and JL re the developement of First Channel
 ZF#4 5/84 Zelerod's Doom outlineby Jean Lorrah