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Guidelines for Joining Existing Householdings

If you are interested in joining an existing Householding, contact the Head of the Household that suits your interests and is currently active. If there is no Eddress or Website available, sign onto the Sime~Gen Discussion List, introduce yourself and let the folks on the Listerve know that you're interested. Alternately, you can contact the Householding Registrar .

If you have a group of people who are interested in Sime~Gen and who you are in contact with fairly frequently, or if you're writing S~G stories that need a new Householding, then you might consider starting your own. In starting your own, be sure you don't duplicate the heraldic colors set by the Householding Board of Governors ; no white or black. I assume you'd start your own because you have a unique motto, virtue and, possibly, business or specialty.

Some Householdings have a formal process to pledge the household (see Takear, where their pledge and response is written). Some fan-run Houses have a pledge ceremony at Darkover each year -- others do it privately or not at all. Each Household Head undoubtedly has their own version. For Ancients (that's us) it is, after all, just a little support-group of people with a similar interest - not a life-or-death matterr. Though Householdings have saved lives, people need support when they fall on tough times.

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