HCI#2 cover

HCI #1 cover


On this page you will find the best of the artwork from HCI-1 and HCI-2. The artists are Linda Whitten and Donell Meadows. Linda is responsible for the triblets and egglet, the egg looking for Frevven, while Donell is the perpetrator of the OP and Alger illos.
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o.p in the tub


Trbblet coming from library

no, you can't pledge Alger

O.P Does he do windows?

Cat with a Householdng cape

O.P. eating a pillow

 O.P. in hen house

  Whose the Farris of them all?

 Ercy's Back


 How did her transfer go?

 O.P. with a Camera

 Simelan Class

 Egglet being chased

 Egglet finds Frevven

 Egglet looking for Frevven

 O.P. leaving on a trip




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