Brian Hoolahan



Born in Dublin, Ireland. I left at the age of 21 in 1978 to travel. Having decided on something different I traveled to Iran and worked as an English teacher in Isfahan. Five months later moved to Teheran where I worked as an assistant editor for two English language newspapers, the Keyhan and the Teheran Journal. Up to then the revolution had not been much of a problem, but one morning I arrived at the newspaper to find 6 bullet holes in one of the windows, I knew it was time to leave. This was two months before the Shah went into exile. From there I moved to London, and worked in a bar for six months. Back in Ireland, got itchy feet again, and decided to travel to Germany - by way of the Netherlands.... and I'm still here.

Began my radio career in 1984 producing and presenting radio programmes for RTE (Irish national radio and television) from the Netherlands. After that I got involved in Dutch radio as a producer/director and eventually programme coordinator (manager) for a local station in Breda, a city in the south of Holland. Here I began to write short sketches for various programmes- then progressed to full length radio plays. One of which caused quite an uproar in Holland. Because we were local, and forever competing with the national stations, I had an idea to link up various local stations around the country for the broadcast of a radio play - in effect creating a national radio station! The only problem was the content of the play, which recieved national newspaper and radio coverage. The play 'The End is Near' was about the (modern day) return of Jesus Christ and four of his apostles, namely, Mathew, Mark, Luke and John..... and it was a comedy! Needless to say, a number of the stations refused to work on the project, but eventually 21stations around the country did, and we had our 'nationwide broadcast'.

Eventually I progressed to 'real' national Dutch radio after being commissioned to work on broadcasts, including a programme about my own city Dublin, which was a nice turnaround. Then I moved to the VARA, another national station where I was asked to produce a controversial national radio programme called the 'Steen & Been Show. I suppose you could say it was something like Howard Stern, although I believe we were more innovative in our content. Four years later I moved to an early morning programme 'Breakfast Club' as producer/editor. Here I dreamed up and wrote quick sketches, dialogue, and short plays on a daily basis for five years. Many of these also had there fair share of controversy one of which was when I was 'shot dead' during the last seconds of a live programme on a monday morning. On Tuesday morning we had a bunch actors in the studio who, with the help of a script, and tips from the listeners, had to solve the 'crime' by Friday!

Apart from all this I have written 7 screenplays (sold one) 1 book (based on one of the screenplays), and I'm halfway through the second. Various television scripts - of which I directed 1 for national television, various short stories.

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