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Sime~Gen reviews various forms of publications including e-books and traditional paper books.

If you would like to have a book considered for review, please submit (as an e-mail attachment) an electronic copy (PDF, rtf, html, Word, or text format) of your work, if available (see below for hard copy submissions), to along with the following information:

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If you do not have an electronic copy available, please submit the above information and an approval decision will be made based on the description. If the book is chosen for review, I will send you a mailing address for the review copy.

We review all genres of books. You will be notified as quickly as possible if your book has been approved for review. Reviews are done at no cost to you, but only books that we believe our readers will enjoy are reviewed.

For printed books, we will send you the address for shipment to the reviewer at the appropriate time.

In addition to our regular reviews column, we also have columnists who review books. Submissions to them must be made separately. A book may be reviewed in more than one area of

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