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Companion In Zeor
Fanzine Submission Guidelines


Karen MacLeod, Editor


Thank you for your inquiry about my fanzine, A COMPANION IN ZEOR. This Writer's Guideline was created primarily for the print fanzine, but includes instructions for electronic submissions. A Website dedicated to A COMPANION IN ZEOR, has been developed: Do visit the various websites which are already running and dedicated to the writings of Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah.

A COMPANION IN ZEOR is a small print run fanzine of 100 copies, and we publish very irregularly. Primarily we are web based now. Our readership are those individuals interested in the writings of Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Jean Lorrah, and the fiction and other submissions by fans and readers is based on any of their Universe creations. If you are unfamiliar with their novels, I suggest you read them, and if possible, any of the various Zeor fanzines (AMBROV ZEOR, A COMPANION IN ZEOR, or ZEOR FORUM -- now posted in
The RimonFarris Memorial Library). A question and answer publication is available called HOUSEHOLDING CHANEL INQUIRER might also make the new contributor more familiar with these universes.

Short stories or poetry and art are preferred. If a long piece is submitted, we can serialize it. Our zine runs an average of 65 pages in paper, and contains diverse material, so I can't make up an issue consisting of just one published piece. I will work with contributors in developing stories if I am asked to do so. All work which I will consider for publication WILL and MUST be read by Mrs. Lichtenberg and Ms. Lorrah for their final approval before publication. A Copyright Release form must be signed by the contributing author and a representative of Sime~Gen Inc. before a work is published. This Release assigns the Copyright to Sime~Gen Inc. The Corporation holds the Copyright to all of the fanzines previously mentioned. The copyright release can be found on the domain. Look for the fanzine fiction posting agreement at

Any submissions accepted for A COMPANION IN ZEOR will be posted to a new issue which is in development on the website. Submissions can be sent by e-mail. Please inquire first as to how to submit electronically before you send the file. Some electronic transmissions I have received are not compatible with my computer's capabilities. Electronic submissions in Word format are preferred, and only one electronic submission copy is necessary.

When your final draft is submitted (only if submitted on paper) for publication, it would be preferred that three (3) copies be submitted, if on paper. One is for my use in typing and in working on our issue. The second copy is for Mrs. Lichtenberg's reading (for Copyright Release) and comment, and the third copy would be for any artist's use for illustrative purposes. A contributor is most welcomed to supply art with the piece, or I can "farm out" the manuscript to any of the contributor/artists I have available to me.

Art submissions should be camera ready, 5" by 7" or smaller (if filler art) since we don't have reduction or electronic scanning for web facilities readily available. It is preferable that no more than two (2) illustrations (if larger) be used per manuscript. Submissions for art should be done on white paper and preferably in ink, or can be sent as computer files.

The usual print production method of A COMPANION IN ZEOR is by photocopy or printer. We rely mostly on the financial support of our readership and through fund-raising and donations to publish. This is why we publish inpaper, irregularly, and do not have offset facilities. Current issues have not been paper published, but can be found on the COMPANION IN ZEOR website. It is hoped that eventually all issues will be available on paper as well as the website.

I will be more than happy to answer individual questions, and work out individual problems with each contributor. Mrs. Lichtenberg and Ms. Lorrah will also work along with me to answer all queries. Material should be typed in the standard manuscript form. Stories with explicit sexual content will be prefaced with a notice of content to protect website visitors from works they might find distasteful to them.

Payment is in "Contibutor's Copies." Enclosure of a SASE (Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope) is requested with all paper correspondence.

General information on all zines, ordering of novels:
Sime~Gen Inc
P.O.Box 1244
Murray, KY 42079-1244

Permissions for use must be arranged for submissions which are not related to the works of Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah -- such as Star Trek (work which does not take place in any of their universes) we can often make arrangements to publish pieces without the need for a Copyright Release form. Arrangements will be made on an individual case basis, so please inquire if you feel this applies to your submissions.

Periodic written information updates on Mrs. Lichtenberg's or Ms. Lorrah's work are released on our website or by conventional mail through the Kentucky Post Office Box. Please file a self-addressed stamped envelope for this information. If you have e-mail capabilities, there is a Sime/Gen Listserve available where discussions and current updates are available. Also on the World Wide Web is an updated newsletter and various other related sites. The newsletter may be found at:

Submissions, orders for most paper issues, and anything that deals with A COMPANION IN ZEOR can be sent directly to me at the P.O. address. If you wish a postal reply, or your submission returned, please enclose two self-addressed, stamped envelopes (SASE) with sufficient postage and a letter telling me what you would like me to do. If this is not done, I can not assure you will receive a reply.

THE ONLY SUBMISSIONS WHICH WE WILL ACCEPT ARE THOSE BASED ON ANY OFJACQUELINE LICHTENBERG'S UNIVERSES, or the Universes of Jean Lorrah: SIME~GEN, DUSHAU, KREN, KRAITH, LUREN, SAVAGE EMPIRE, "Blood Will Tell," ETC. WE WILL ALSO ACCEPT OCCASIONAL VERY SHORT PIECES BASED ON "STAR TREK" BECAUSE JACQUELINE IS A CO-AUTHOR OF "STAR TREK LIVES!" Jean has written Star Trek fiction. Our fanzines are financially supported by people who are fans of Jacqueline and who will expect amateur work which is based on Lichtenberg or Lorrah creations. Our fans often pre-pay for issues and in funding drives, so we must limit our content to writing based on Lichtenberg and Lorrah creations out of loyalty to these readers. There will be no exceptions to this policy. Our listings in various writer's market publications have been updated since 1992 to reflect this change.

I am also in charge of the Recording Project for the Blind. Working with others, we are reading and recording all of Jacqueline's books and zines into the Library of Congress 4-track format for distribution to the visually handicapped. For further information, you can contact me at the P.O. Box or the e-mail address at the top of this page for those specifications. We are also including material by some authors other than Jacqueline or Jean, if we have written permission to distribute their works. Among these authors will be Betsy Curtis, Robert Heinlein, and Andrea Alton.

Read the
copyright agreement for fanzine work. Sime~Gen is now wholly owned by Sime~Gen Inc.


Karen MacLeod

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