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Fanzine Fiction Publishing and Posting Agreement

Between Sime~Gen Inc., P. O. Box 1244, Murray, KY 42071-0022, U.S.A., simegen@simegen.com, hereafter known as Company, and

Name ________________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________

City _______________________________ State/Province_____ Postal Code_________

Country ________________ E-mail _________________________________________

Telephone _____________________________________________________________

Pen name (if any)_________________________________________________________

hereinafter known as Author, concerning the text entitled

________________________________________________, hereinafter known as Work,

made this________day of ______________________________, year ______________ .

1. This Agreement pertains to Work submitted by Author to a fanzine published by Company in either print or HTML version on the World Wide Web domain known as simegen.com.

2. Author hereby grants to Company all rights in the Work, including but not limited to the right to post the Work on the World Wide Web domain known as simegen.com, and print it in hardcopy versions of the fanzine ___________________________, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. After a period of five years from the date of this Agreement, Author may request that the Work be removed from display on the Internet domain known as simegen.com.

3. Author warrants that the Work is his/her original intellectual creation, and that s/he has the right to license it to Company.

4. Company shall identify the Author as creator of the Work.

5. Company shall provide to Author a noncommercial website on simegen.com. A print copy of the fanzine in which the Work appears, along with said website, shall be Author's sole and complete compensation for Work.

6. Author is free to publish original material derived from the Work anywhere else at any time, with the exception that the Work itself may not be duplicated in another fanzine or on another website. Author is, however, free to direct readers to said Work on simegen.com, and link to it from another website.

7. Nothing herein shall be construed to constitute the parties hereto joint venturers, nor shall any similar relationship be deemed to exist between them. This Agreement shall not be assigned in whole or in part without the prior written consent of the Author.

8. In the event of legal action by a third party disputing Author's rights in the Work, Company reserves the right to remove the Work from display until such dispute is resolved. If the dispute is resolved in favor of the Author, Company will immediately restore the Work to display. If the dispute is resolved against the Author, Company's sole responsibility shall be to cease display of the Work.

Important! Parent or legal Guardian must sign in place of Author if Author is under eighteen years of age.




For Sime~Gen Inc.


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