Lois Wickstrom's Work

Lois Wickstrom is the author of the children's books Oliver and Ladybugs for Loretta, as well as numerous children's short stories and plays, a series of videos to teach high school chemistry without math, and--well, she does so much that I can't even think of it all! When she and I (along with Lois's husband Eric) visited Scotland in the summer of 1995, we discovered that although there were all kinds of other books about the Loch Ness Monster, there was no fictional children's book available. So we put our heads together and wrote Nessie and the Living Stone, which will be published Fall, 2000, by Crossroads Publishing.

Visit Nessie's Grotto to learn about our research on the Loch Ness Monster. You can also read an excerpt from Nessie and the Living Stone.

To find out more about Lois's other work and interests, click on the photo below to go to her website.

Jean and Lois in Scotland, August, 1995.

I got the great background for this page from Texture Land, which used to have a wonderful website that disappeared a couple of years ago. If anyone knows where it has moved to, please let me know.

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