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As an avid reader of young adult romance, Tonya Ramagos has always dreamed of writing her own teen novels. The road to her writing career began when she was a youngster in Junior High School. Showing their support, Tonya's parents enrolled her in a correspondence course through The Institute of Children's Literature. It was that course that taught her the business of writing for teens and opened the doors for her to reach the publishing industry.

Through the obstacles of life since Junior High, Tonya Ramagos put her writing aside from time to time but always kept her dream in the back of her mind. FInally in 1997 she met her husband Jarett. Thanks to his words of encouragement and support Tonya Ramagos returned to her writing making the vow to never push her dream aside again.

Welcome to our spotlight of Tonya Ramagos and her work.

Below is an interview I had with Tonya Ramagos through e-mail

You will be able to read about her and get to know a little about her through this interview. At the bottom of the page is a book cover of one of her books and a list of her books published and soon to be published. Click the title to find a review of that book.

In April 1999 Tonya Ramagos' first book titled THE FEUD was accepted for publication by Domhan Books and released in June 1999. Since then Tonya has had several other teen books, two short stories, and several adult mysteries written under the name of Calley Moore accepted for publication. She has been featured on the front page of the Ocean Springs Record and the Ocean Springs Press as well as various sites for writers and readers on the Internet and has appeared on WLOX-TV 13 on two different occasions.

Beverly A. Rearick: What genre do you write?

Tonya Ramagos: Currently I write Romances for Young Adults and Mysteries for Adults

Beverly A. Rearick: What genres would you like to write?

Tonya Ramagos: If things go as planned I would like to write a romance for adults by the end of 2001.

Beverly A. Rearick: Where do you get your ideas?

Tonya Ramagos: Anywhere and everywhere! There are so many things in the simple day to day life that can spark an idea for a great story. Usually I have more ideas than I know what to do with and, unfortunately, there just never seems to be enough hours in the day to get them all into book form.

Beverly A. Rearick: Do you pattern your characters after any real people?

Tonya Ramagos: Not usually. I prefer to create my characters solely from my imagination. Occasionally I may base a few of a character's traits from someone I know but in the end that character still transforms to their own being.

Beverly A. Rearick: What authors do you admire?

Tonya Ramagos: Ooo, that's a toughie. There are so many! Kate William (author of the Young Adult Sweet Valley High Series created by Francine Pascal) has been one of my long time favorites. Also, John Grisham, T.K. Sheils, and Julie Wray Herman among many others.

Beverly A. Rearick: What authors do you read?

Tonya Ramagos: At the moment I am reading two different books. The first is the mystery "Black Delta" by Jessica Speart and the other is an adult romance, "Pursued," by Elizabeth Jennings. Usually I read just about anything I can get my hands on.

Beverly A. Rearick: What genres do you read?

Tonya Ramagos: Mostly mystery and romance. For a change of pace I also like to throw in a little horror and sci-fi.

Beverly A. Rearick: What other genres do you see yourself writing?

Tonya Ramagos: Aside from mystery and romance I don't really see myself writing any other genres at the moment but that is subject to change at any time. LOL

Beverly A. Rearick: What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

Tonya Ramagos: Writing my little days away. I am the happiest I have ever been sitting right her in front of my computer typing away and I hope to continue doing so for as long as I possibly can.

Beverly A. Rearick: Do you see yourself ever not writing?

Tonya Ramagos: No. I have been writing since a very young age and, although I stopped for a few years in my late teen years, when I began writing again I made a promise to myself that I would never push my writing aside again. That's a promise I intend to keep.

Beverly A. Rearick: What books do you have planned in the near future?

Tonya Ramagos: Currently I'm working on the fourth novel in the Lindsey Dyson Mystery Series. It's still in the planning stages but I hope to finish it in the next three to four months.

Beverly A. Rearick: How did you get started writing?

Tonya Ramagos: In all honesty I started writing because I was bored. LOL I was always an avid reader but never really thought of myself as a writer. When I was in junior high my father owned a gas station which I sat at every afternoon after school with nothing to do but read. One day I was reading and something sparked an idea for a book of my own so I decided to try it out. When I parents realized I was attempting to write a book the did a little research and discovered a correspondence course through the Institute for Children's Literature and enrolled me. It's a wonderful corse for anyone thinking of writing for children/YA and taught me so much invaluable information about the world of writing.

Beverly A. Rearick: What age were you when you started to write?

Tonya Ramagos: I was in the eighth grade which made me about 13.

Beverly A. Rearick: When is your next book due?

Tonya Ramagos: I don't have a definite release date as of yet. FROM RICHES TO THE ZOO will be released through sometime in late 2001.

Beverly A. Rearick: Was there any author or authors that helped you get your start in writing, or helped you break into the field?

Tonya Ramagos: Not really. I did it mostly all own my own. However there have been so many authors who have helped me since becoming published that I owe a great deal of thanks. Many of those authors are members of the All About Murder list at egroups.

Beverly A. Rearick: What made you choose the genres you write?

Tonya Ramagos: For the YA Romances it was the simple love for reading them and the age in which I began to write. Although I was 13 when I began writing and 24 when my first book was accepted for publication the genre was still my favorite to read and write. As for the mystery, I've always wanted to write a mystery and tried several times to no avail. Then I realized I was trying to write for the wrong age group. I was gearing my mystery ideas for young adults because that was what I was used to writing when all of my ideas worked out better for adults. I was nervous about attempting to break into the adult market but finally put my fears aside and went for it. Now, of course, I'm glad I did.

Beverly A. Rearick: Do you have a special subgenre?

Tonya Ramagos: My YA books are mostly romance mixed with the troubles of family, friends, and peer pressure. My mysteries are usually just that, mysteries, although often with a light touch of romance.

Beverly A. Rearick: Do you have a favorite place you like to write?

Tonya Ramagos: I spend my life at my desk. LOL I have a nice little set up going where everything is at my fingertips. Even though my desk is in the family room which is always occupied by at least my two boys and husband, I've learned to tone out everything around me and escape to my imagination with virtually no problems at all. The kids and hubby are usually very good at leaving mommy alone when she's working too.

Beverly A. Rearick: In what order do you write? For example starting beginning to end, combining parts, in random order or in development cycle?

Tonya Ramagos: A lot of times it depends on the idea. While I have written some of my books simply by sitting down and allowing the idea to roll from my brain to my fingertips onto the computer screen, I usually write a detailed synopsis from beginning to end before I begin putting the book into true book form on the computer.

Beverly A. Rearick: Do you feel that the e-books offer authors a bit more freedom of expression in their books?

Tonya Ramagos: Yes. There are many books being released as e-books that I feel most traditional publishers wouldn't have given a first glance. However these books are great! I think e-books have opened a new world with a tremendous amount of opportunities for different books that was not available before.

Beverly A. Rearick: What do you feel is, or isn't being done to promote authors?

Tonya Ramagos: There are so many things being done to promote authors and I'm sure still so many things left to discover. The internet has opened many new doors for the promotion of authors that are working successfully. Off-line, conventions, book signings, and public speaking seems to be doing a lot to get the word out for authors.

Beverly A. Rearick: Do you feel that the marketing departments have their finger on the pulse of readers?

Tonya Ramagos: I'm not sure that there is really a *pulse* of the reader when it comes to marketing and promotion. People are in to trying different things these days. They look for the new and unusual as well as what is considered to be the norm. Marketing departments seem to be utilizing the normal or old ways of promoting while at the same time striving to invent new and better ways of reaching readers. Always looking for originality which I feel is the key.

Beverly A. Rearick: How do you feel about the review rating systems?

Tonya Ramagos: I think they are a good thing however I also feel that one should not judge a book simply by the reviewer rating. One should keep in mind that a review is simply one person's opinion of a book and while that person may not have cared for the book others may find it excellent.

Beverly A. Rearick: Through what venues do you feel most of your books are being sold?

Tonya Ramagos: Most of my books are being bought directly from the publishers. is holding a summer long $1 download sale on all children's and YA titles. I think this is a great idea in terms of promotion and sales. By offering them so cheaply I believe it's also encouraging children and teens to spend their summer months reading. Book signings on the books I have available in POD (Print on Demand) have also brought in a great deal of sales for me even though it's often difficult to get bookstores to agree to POD signings. But that's another story. LOL

Beverly A. Rearick: What do you feel is the best part of the publishing industry?

Tonya Ramagos: The ability to reach others world-wide with your stories and talents.

Beverly A. Rearick: What do you feel needs to be changed about the industry?

Tonya Ramagos: The industry is already going through a great deal of changes and is doing so everyday. I have seen the e-book industry grow so much in the short two and a half years I have been published. I feel that e-books are taking a step in the right direction with each passing day and will continue to do so until e-books are widely accepted as published books just as paper books are.

Beverly A. Rearick: Do you think small press and e-books will be the wave of the future?

Tonya Ramagos: More and more people are discovering e-books and choosing them to read. I do not belive that e-books will ever *replace* the traditional paper book but I do believe that e-books are going to continue to draw in more readers as time goes on and that they are definitely here to stay.

Beverly A. Rearick: What of your published books is your favorite? Why?

Tonya Ramagos: MURDEROUS GREED, the first in the Lindsey Dyson Mystery Series. I love the way the character of Lindsey developed as well as the way the mystery of her next door neighbor's murder unfolded.

Beverly A. Rearick: What do you feel is the worst piece of advice anyone ever gave you about writing?

Tonya Ramagos: I can't really say that I have ever gotten any really bad advice about writing. Most of what I have gotten held it's own bit of importance in one way or another.

Beverly A. Rearick: What is the best?

Tonya Ramagos: The famous saying "to never give up." If you have a dream in believe in yourself don't let anything stand in your way of accomplishing that goal and making that dream come true.

Recent Or Upcoming Tonya Ramagos A.K.A. Calley Moore titles:

  1. Terror In The Tank - Mystery - Publication Info to be announced
  2. From Riches To The Zoo - YA Romance - coming in late 2001 from
  3. Dying For Charisma - A Lindsey Dyson Mystery - 2001
  4. Love Triangle - YA Romance - January 2001 Crossroads Pub.
  5. Party Of The Year - YA Romance - October 2000 Crossroads Pub.
  6. Changes - YA Romance - July 2000
  7. Cabin Of Death - Mystery - May 2000
  8. Forgive Or Forget - YA Romance - April 2000
  9. The Mystery Club - A Lindsey Dyson Mystery - April 2000
  10. Murderous Greed - A Lindsey Dyson Mystery - March 2000
  11. Secret Admirer - YA Romance - January 2000
  12. Deceptions - YA Romance - November 1999 Awe-Struck EBooks
  13. Obstacles Of Love - YA Romance - October 1999 Domhan Books
  14. The Feud - YA Romance - June 1999 Domhan Books

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