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Child Care
Sleeping and Waking
by Gina Wisker: 1

Sheltered from Purpose
Sunday Morning
Ode to the Raytown Homecoming Queen, 1989
Loose Park
by Ry Kincaid
Artwork: The Far Side by Bob Nunn: 2

by Tan Mackay: 3

Ash Wednesday 2009
The Churchyard Cat
by Tan Mackay
Artwork: More Snow on the Way - Monochrome after Geoff Kersey
by Bob Nunn: 4

I Walk As If in Snow
Thee Pearl
This Morning I Had Watered Down, Semi-Skimmed Soya-Bean Juice with My Credit-Crunch... How about you…?
by Jonny Marvel
Artwork: Path in Winter by Bob Nunn: 5

An Oath and a Sneeze
by Caroline Booker: 6

by Carol Wood
Once More unto the Pub Dear Friends
Fool's Mate
by alex iamb: 7

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