Sime~Gen Novels From Meisha Merlin Publishing


You have my permission to use my answers to these questions (and you can post them to the list if you want--I need to get around to fixing my subscription so I can post).

--Robyn King-Nitschke

 1. What was the first S~G novel you read, and how did  you encounter it? What did you think of the a)cover, b)novel  inside. Why did you buy it, or pick it off the library shelf?  When did you read your second one? Which one hooked you?  Which is your favorite? Your least favorite?  (and why)

The first S~G novel I read was "House of Zeor," way back in the late 70s or early 80s. The cover was hideous--it was a library copy, with a pale green cover with these two ugly bald blob guys with tentacles (they looked sort of like Ziggy with tentacles) and almost put me off reading the book. However, I persevered and was very glad I did!

As for why I picked it, I'd read "Star Trek Lives!" because I was heavily into Star Trek at the time, and was impressed by your ideas. This book was also responsible for getting me to read "Atlas Shrugged" and other books by Ayn Rand, so I'd say it was fairly influential in my reading career! :)

The second book I read was Unto Zeor, Forever. My mother got me a copy (I didn't even know it was out!) and I loved it. Not as much as HoZ, though. That was the one that hooked me.

My favorites are HoZ and Zelerod's Doom, because my favorite character by far is Klyd and I like the more primitive world these stories take place in.

My least favorites are Mahogany Trinrose and Rensime, the former because the mystical aspect of S~G doesn't do anything for me, and the latter because I don't prefer the more "modern" setting.

 2. When did you first find S~G fandom, and how and why?  Have you introduced anyone else to this fandom? How long  have you been involved and why so long?

I sort of found it in the early 80's, when I got some of the zines and enjoyed them. I think this was as a result of ordering a two autographed copies of HoZ from you (one for me, one for a friend) and reading some of the literature you included in the envelope. I got re-involved in 1997 when I found S~G folks on the web and got involved in designing the Tecton Central web page.

I haven't really introduced anybody else.

 3. If you've read any of the fan fiction, where did you  first discover that, and why did you read it (I mean FAN  FICTION - UGH WHO WANTS TO READ THAT STUFF -- oh, but  oooooooohhhhhh this is different.) It would save lots of  time if you'd look up the URL of stories you mention -  paste it from your browser into the email to be sure it's  correct - so readers of your post can find it.

I've read some of the fan fiction but it's been awhile and I don't remember specifics. I've enjoyed most of what I've read.

 4. Have you recommended S~G to any of your friends (and are  they still friends after that?) (did they steal your books and  disappear?) What kind of people do you recommend these books  to? (Only sf fans? Romance readers? Mystery fans? Star Trek  fans? People who like certain TV shows? Which shows?)

I recommended it to one friend back in high school and she loved it too. Nobody else, really. My husband doesn't care for it-- I've tried, but it doesn't work. :)

 5. Do you keep a second set of books for loaners? Why?

Nope, though I do have some duplicates I've picked up. I don't generally lend books because most people don't seem to know how to treat them and they come back with bent spines and other atrocities. :)

 6. Who is your favorite character in the books? Your favorite  fan-writer and character?

Favorite character in the books: Klyd. By far. I also like Abel Verritt and Roshi ambrov Rior.

I don't have a favorite fan-writer and character--it's been so long since I've read the fan fiction I don't remember them clearly.

 7. What other writers are on your favorites list? Whose  books do you shelve beside Sime~Gen? Are you in touch with any  other author-fandoms?  Which?

Other writers: Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, Ayn Rand, Anne McCaffrey, Arthur Conan Doyle (and Sherlock Holmes stories in general), J. R. R. Tolkien, Diane Duane, John Saul, James Lileks.