You may quote this on  in whole or in part Marge Robbins

The first S~G novel I read was House of Zeor. That was back in the mid 80's I think. Yes I've been a fan somewhere in the vicinity of 20 years. I found the book in the library on the new book shelf. I don't remember why I brought it home. I _think_ the starred cross on the cover interested me. I wanted to know what it symbolized. Anyway I read it in one sitting, fell in love with Klyde and immediately went back to the library to see what else I could find. I read one or two more books that week, but I don't remember which ones for sure. I think Trinrose was one the library had. By the end of the week I had written Jacqueline the first of many fan letters. House of Zeor remains my favorite book. Mahogany Trinrose is my least favorite. Why? Because I am hopelessly in love with Kyld Farris. Trinrose because I don't like Ercy Farris.

Jacqueline sent my name on to Karen Litman, who at the time was running the Welcommitte and editing Companion in Zeor.. She got me hooked on fanzines. And introduced me to Kerry Lindeman-Schaefer who was also edting a zine, Ambrov Zeor. Those two ladies got me hooked on fan fiction. To this day my favorite fan charactor is Frevven, my favorite story My life,My trust.  Eventually I created Householding Chanel and started writing my own stories. They are found at  Last year I had the privilege of co-authoring a story with Jacqueline herself called Light of Zeor. 


Sosectu Ambrov Chanel