Sime~Gen Novels From Meisha Merlin Publishing

 1. What was the first S~G novel you read, and how did you encounter it?  What did you think of the a)cover, b)novel inside. Why did you buy it,  or pick it off the library shelf? When did you read your second one?  Which one hooked you? Which is your favorite? Your least favorite?  (and why)

HOUSE OF ZEOR. A friend of mine who really liked it steered me toward it. The cover was okay. I liked the novel enough to continue reading the series. It's been so long since I read any of them that I really don't remember which one I liked best or least.

 2. When did you first find S~G fandom, and how and why? Have you  introduced anyone else to this fandom? How long have you been involved  and why so long?

I think I knew of its existence for years but didn't really become involved until I discovered it on-line two or three years ago.

 3. If you've read any of the fan fiction, where did you first discover  that, and why did you read it (I mean FAN FICTION - UGH WHO WANTS TO  READ THAT STUFF -- oh, but oooooooohhhhhh this is different.)

Regarding Jacqueline's fan fiction, I tried the Kraith series shortly after it appeared and didn't care for her interpretation of Trek. I did like Jean Lorrah's Trek fiction and illustrated one of her stories.

 4. Have you recommended S~G to any of your friends (and are they still  friends after that?) (did they steal your books and disappear?) What  kind of people do you recommend these books to? (Only sf fans? Romance  readers? Mystery fans? Star Trek fans? People who like certain TV  shows? Which shows?)

I have recommended Jacqueline and Jean's writing, not specifically Sime~Gen. I have recommended them to science fiction readers who considered character development to be important. I don't remember specifically whom I recommended them to.

 7. What other writers are on your favorites list? Whose books do you  shelve beside Sime~Gen? Are you in touch with any other author-fandoms?  Which? 

Harlan Ellison, Isaac Asimov, Gene Wolfe, William Faulkner, Jane Austen, Greg Bear, F. Paul Wilson, J. Michael Straczynski, Gerald Durrell, Arthur C. Clarke, Rudy Rucker, Franz Kafka

I shelve all my sf books alphabetically by author, so the ones near the Sime~Gen books are those whose authors' names start with "L".

I have been a member of the Harlan Ellison Record Collection since its inception. I am in touch with F. Paul Wilson, but I'm not aware of any fan clubs for him. He has a mailing list for informing people of his latest publications.

Laurraine Tutihasi

Editor of Sime~Gen Perspectives Newsletter, published monthly.