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The first S~G novel I read was UNTO ZEOR FOREVER. I was browsing through the shelves of the small library near where my parents used to live in North Carolina, looking for something to read while I was there visiting them. I took the book off the shelf, glanced at the cover, then put it back, unimpressed. (This was the original hardback version.) Then I pulled it out again and decided there was a chance it might be worth reading after all. Once I started it, I couldn't stop, which is rare for me. Why did it affect me so strongly? I think it was because I could identify very much with Digen and the way he was caught between his conflicting loyalties to Zeor, the Tecton, and Gen medicine, with none of these entities being entirely right and none entirely wrong. Also, like many a science fiction fan, his sense of being an outsider in Gen society resonated very strongly with my own feeling of not belonging. UNTO is still my favorite book of the entire series, since it is the one that seems to search deepest for moral truths, while at the same time wrestling with the ambiguous nature of truth itself.

I went back to that library the next day and was fortunate enough to find a copy of HOUSE OF ZEOR available. At the time, these were the only two books of the series that had been published. I loved the idealism and commitment of the early Householdings, and the interplay between Klyd and Hugh, as they gradually came to trust each other.

Those were the two books that made me a fan, and later a fan writer, but I'm sorry to have to say that none of the later novels impressed me quite as much. Some were excellent stories, but didn't touch the same places in my soul that those first two did.

Kerwin L. Schaefer aka Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer