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You have my permission to quote all or part of what I have written.

Kalhan Barath


About 5 years ago I came across Ambrov Keon in a used bookshop and by the end of the second chapter the Sime-Gen universe had gone to the top of my book-ordering universe. Unfortunately I soon established I couldn’t order more. Since then Lorrah and Lichtenberg are the first names I trawl for in second-hand bookshops. Before the end of Ambrov Keon I knew that I could never pick-up another book in the series unless it was possible to start reading it early enough in the day to have time to finish it before bed.


I have managed to get a hold of copies of First Channel and Channel’s Destiny. My promise never held, can sleep anytime – but brilliant books cannot be put off. They call and nag until they are curled up with and read cover to cover. So by the end of First Channel I knew I had discovered a set of ‘I can sleep anytime’ books.


What grabbed me about the series was it had a totally different slant, a truly unique universe. I could only hope that:

a. I could find the rest of the series and

b. The ability to surprise would remain a part of the rest of the series


So far I have not been disappointed. I have yet to read my least favourite book and look forward to finding it.

I very seldom lend my Sime-Gem books out. Not all loaned books find their way back home, and this series is in the category called ‘I would kick myself if it got lost’. When you posted that it was being re-published my first thought was at last I could get the whole series, and the second was who was going to get copies as Christmas/Birthday presents. The answer was simple, anyone that enjoys a good story. The year they are published will be one easy Christmas and I will break my cardinal rule never to buy two people who know each other the same present no matter how good it is.

The desire to find out more about the universe has led me to search the internet and find the Sime-Gen fandom, something I was never tempted to do before, or since.