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2. When did you first find S~G fandom, and how and why? Have you introduced anyone else to this fandom? How long have you been involved and why so long?

I got involved in S~G fandom at the writers workshop at the Chicago Woldcon in 2000. There I met Jacqueline Lichtenberg, who reviewed the first chapter of my novel Demon On The Beach. It wasn't an altogether successful encounter, but what really impressed me, was how favorably she viewed my writing, even with its generous faults.

She is not the first author who's work I've read after meeting them, nor will she be the last I expect. But her ambition for me, to read my published work caused me to hit the second hand store and grab every S~G novel (and a copy of 'Of Mice & Men') they had. I also grabbed up most of the Savage Empire by her partner Jean Lora.

This winter (2001/2002) I had read to me Ambrov Keon and found the circumstances of the novel fascinating. The world where part of the population must pray on the other part, or die, is a fascinating situation. Compounded by the primitive state of the economy, and disrupted state of the country, it is a novel of terror and hope, one where courage brings love.


Ed Wilson