Sime~Gen Novels From Meisha Merlin Publishing

Cindy Leonard-Krinsky 


A book I just finished reading struck me as having that emotional intimacy I
found in books like Sime~Gen. I don't know if anyone has read it, but it is
called "Threshold" and is by Sara Douglass.

I tend to choose or like a lot of books based on that same feeling I get
from the Sime~Gen series. 

The emotional intimacy I am looking for in a book is not necessarily found in a romance, although it can be, and I am not opposed to it. (Although I definitely prefer the romance to be het.) The feeling is more of a developing relationship between one or more characters that is necessary to the solution of a conflict. 

The characters need to grow and learn about themselves, their abilities, and the others in the relationship. I hope I explained that well enough. I'm not even sure I understand what I am loooking for. The closest is the descriptions I have heard from Jean and Jacqueline. 

However it does mean finding books from different genres with no overt identifier connecting them other than that feeling.


("that feeling" which Cindy refers to is I believe what I have termed Intimate Adventure.  JL)