Sime~Gen Novels From Meisha Merlin Publishing

Anyone who will listen to me. heh heh I give permission for my answers to be used. Cherri Muņoz ==============================

1. What was the first S~G novel you read, and how did you encounter it? What did you think of the a)cover, b)novel inside. Why did you buy it, or pick it off the library shelf? When did you read your second one? Which one hooked you? Which is your favorite? Your least favorite? (and why)  2. When did you first find S~G fandom, and how and why?

House of Zeor. The how and why is gone from memory. I just remember that it got me and I held on tight.

Have you introduced anyone else to this fandom?

Many. :)

How long have you been involved and why so long?

This too is gone from memory it's been so long. I know I first met Jacqueline in 1992 but I'd been a fan at least 10 years before that.

3. If you've read any of the fan fiction, where did you first discover that, and why did you read it (I mean FAN FICTION - UGH WHO WANTS TO READ THAT STUFF -- oh, but oooooooohhhhhh this is different.) 

I think I received a newsletter than introduced the fan zines. I bought them all.....sometimes twice because I'd forgotten that I had one.

As for why? OH MY!!!! It's Sime~Gen. I couldn't get enough of it.

4. Have you recommended S~G to any of your friends

all the time

(and are they still friends after that?)


 (did they steal your books and disappear?)


What kind of people do you recommend these books to? (Only sf fans? Romance readers? Mystery fans? Star Trek fans? People  who like certain TV shows? Which shows?)  5. Do you keep a second set of books for loaners? Why?

Several years ago, I started collecting almost all Sime~Gen books I encountered just in case I found something who needed a book and didn't have one. I also bought up the hardback library copies. They needed a good home. :)

6. Who is your favorite character in the books?

Risa. She's sassy and I love the way she can run rings around the other channels.

 Your favorite fan-writer and character?

Toss up between Kerry's Frevven and Mary Lou's Rital.

7. What other writers are on your favorites list?

Laurell K. Hamilton. Loved all her Anita Blake books except the last one. Stinky poo.