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Niekas 34:33

(tfp is the reviewer)

RenSime!, by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, DAW Books 1984, 255pp, $2.95 "  ...  Jacqueline Lichtenberg's Sime~Gen Universe is amazingly consistent and absorbing.  RENSIME maintains the quality of the series, ...

... fast paced and exciting.  The love scene between Laneff and Shanlun, the father of her child, was particularly vivid, almost exotic.  And the hallucination scene was beautifully worked.  A good read.  Recommended."


Science Fiction and Fantasy -- Agatha Taormina reviewer

(from a review sent by the publisher.  We aren't sure what magazine it was in.)

Channel's Destiny, Doubleday, Garden City, NY, Nov. 1982, 182p. $10.95. ISBN 0-385-17028-9. A Sime~Gen Novel "... Though Channel's Destiny is the sixth published novel in the series, it is only the second in the chronology; the first four, authored by Lichtenberg alone, center on Rimon Farris's descendents.  The authors quickly summarize earlier events so a newcomer to the series will not feel lost.  Lorrah and Lichtenberg, both of whom have also long been active in Star Trek fandom, have created a rich world peopled with believable characters.  The Sime~Gen relationship establishes the thematic undercurrent of the interdependency of all mankind.  Moreover, these books have spawned three fanzines to handle comments on and contributions to the series background and to advise the authors about future projects. 

Recommended for medium and large collections.  "