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New York Times Book Review
Science Fition by Gerald Jonas
July 24, 1977
House of Zeor
by Jacqueline Lichtenberg
224pp. New York: Pocket Books.  Paper, $1.75
"... A more likely forerunner would be A. E. van Vogt's classic "Slan," but even this comparison does not do justice to Jacqueline Lichtenberg's excellent novel, which is quite capable of standing on its own. 


 ... Lichtenberg handles the deepening relationship between Klyd and Hugh with great delicacy, and through these two strongly realized characters, she effectively dramatizes the truth about the two races.  Like the two sexes in the Platonic myth, Sime and Gen are incomplete without each other.  But this is painful knowledge, and whether both sides can learn it in time is not at all clear.