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What Lan's Lantern has said


. . . The Sime~Gen universe is a fascinating place, partly in spite of, but largely because of its complexity.  Lichtenberg and Lorrah are both good writers who can plot solidly, develop interesting and believable people, and keep the story cracking along at a good pace.  (Both have written other books outside this universe.)  . . . --- but I still buy every Sime~Gen book as soon as it comes out; the next time I see Jacqueline at a convention, I'll have a new list of questions.  The Sime~Gen books make me think, and that's a pretty good recommendation in itself.  

Looking back, I see I haven't actually reviewed Zelerod's Doom at all, so much as I have reviewed the universe in which it takes place.  . . . 

David M. Shea 

Lan's Lantern 

Issue #22 

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