Final Notes

1)      Jean Lorrah’s STAR TREK fanzines and novels are available through her company, Empire Books.  For price information, send a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to:

Jean Lorrah

P.O. Box 625

Murray, KY  42071

2)      Winston Howlett’s Swahili Series of Uhura stories is presently up to three installments:  Goddess Uhura, Captain Uhura and The Starwitch.  All are available from Mpingo Press; for price information, send a SASE to:

Mpingo Press

c/o Winston Howlett

5120 S. Harper #C-17

Chicago, IL  60615

3)      The photographs of Harlan Ellison’s book being displayed in that Baltimore book store’s Romance section were shown to him at NOREASCON II, the 1980 World Science Fiction Convention in Boston.  Surprisingly, Harlan’s reaction was a good laugh, and the observation, “If my books made as much money as Barbara Cartland’s, I’d be a very happy man!”


Next Issue

Hopefully, WULFSTONE 2 will be available by May, 1990.  It will contain stories (about other Savage Empire characters as well as Wulfston), cartoons and other features, including an interview with Jean Lorrah.

For availability information about WULFSTONE 2, send a SASE to Mpingo Press.

Your comments about WULFSTONE 1 would also be appreciated.

— W.A.H.