Song of the
Black Wolf

(Can be sung to the tune of “Greenland Fishery”)

Lord Wulfston bore a Wolf as Sign, 

His skin was dark as night; 

His voice was low, and his powers were so 

That all might feel his might, Brave boy, 

All might feel his might.

A Reader came into his lands, 

To spy for Aventines — 

Lord Wulfston held the spy in thrall 

And brought him to his knees.

Draconius, he held the town 

And he held it tight in his hand. 

Lord Wulfston came and brought him down, 

And bade the Rebel stand, Brave boy, 

Made the Rebel stand.

The Army fought the Rebel foes, 

And made Draconius flee; 

Then lightning flared and trumpets blared! 

Lord Wulfston set the people free, Brave boy, 

Wulfston set them free!

We praise the ones who rule this land, 

The Black Wolf and his kin — 

We sing of his fame and tell his name 

To all who stand within.