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Savage Empire

Savage Empire, published March 1981 by Playboy Paperbacks. 0-872-16794-1, 224 pages. Republished 2001 in Hungary.

Dragon Lord of the Savage Empire

Dragon Lord of the Savage Empire, published December 1982 by Playboy Paperbacks. 0-867-21221-7, 220 pages. Cover by PBJ

Captives of the Savage Empire

Captives of the Savage Empire, published February 1984 by Berkley. 0-425-06465-4, 210 pages. Cover by Romas

Flight to the Savage Empire

Flight to the Savage Empire, published March 1986 by Signet. co-written by Winston Howlett 0-451-14169-5, 221 pages. Cover by Segrelles

Sorcerers of the Frozen Isles

Sorcerers of the Frozen Isles, published by Signet. 0-451-14268-3, 238 pages.

Wulfston's Odyssey

Wulfston's Odyssey, published November 1987 by Signet. Co-written by Winston Howlett 0-451-15056-2, 206 pages.

Empress Unborn

Empress Unborn, published June 1988 by Signet. 0-451-15372-3, 206 pages.

Dark Moon Rising

Dark Moon Rising, published February 2004 by Ben Bella. 1-932-10013-X, 656 pages. Contains books #1-3


Prophecies, published July, 2004, by Ben Bella. 1-983-10030-X, 440 pages. Contains books #4-5

Savage Empire and all elements thereof copyright Jean Lorrah and Winston Howlett. Text of this site copyright Jean Lorrah, Winston Howlett, and Mitch Obrecht.