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1 - Where can I find the original books?
A - The first run of the books, 1981-1988, is long since out of print. However, through the miracle of the Internet, you can order them through used booksellers online for reasonable prices. Amazon.com and Alibris.com are both services online to find copies. At last check, Amazon.com had 14 copies of the first Savage Empire book in stock, with prices ranging from $1.95 on up, and multiple copies of each of the others. You can see links for each of the books here: Savage Empire, Dragon Lord, Captives, Flight, Sorcerers of the Frozen Isles, Wulfston's Odyssey, Empress Unborn. Please note: The first three books are collected in the new book Dark Moon Rising.

2 - Was the Spirit Album based on Savage Empire ever produced?
A - No. Winston had all the materials ready to go, and was ready to produce it, when burglars broke into his home and stole all of the equipment. Time has not allowed him to work on the album, but who knows what the future holds?

3 - I've heard of something called Wulf-Stone. What is it, and where can I find it?
A - Wulf-Stone is Winston's baby. He continued the tales of the Savage Empire in a fanzine published by Jean's Empire Books, and it was available up through the early '90s. If you're interested in seeing Wulf-Stone online, you can subscribe to the Mailing List for details.

4 - I really don't like reading stories online. Can I buy Wulf-Stone?
A - There is always the possibility that Wulf-Stone will come back in print in the future, if there is enough interest. If you'd like to be notified of future printings, send us an e-mail, and we will contact you when it happens.

5 - Did Wulf-Stone go beyond the first issue?
A - No. However, there is the possibility that this may change. Winston is always open to revisiting the Empire, and if the Savage Empire re-release is successful, we may well find ourselves Captives of the Savage Empire once again!

6 - Re-release? What re-release?
A - Publishers are finally discovering these treasures from the '80s. Ben Bella Books is reprinting the first three books in the series (Savage Empire, Dragon Lord, and Captives under the title Dark Moon Rising. In July, 2004, they are re-releasing the next two books (Flight and Sorcerers) under the title Prophecies

7 - Will new books be added to the series?
A - Jean has a fondness for the characters, and would love to revisit them. If the reprints sell well when they come out, then yes, we will definitely see new adventures with all your favorite Savage Empire characters.

8 - What are Readers?
A - Readers are normal Humans, who have the ability to Read others' minds, communicate with other Readers telepathically, and leave their bodies to Read over great distances. They live in the Aventine Empire. Their typical diet consists of lots of vegetables, cheese, and bread. They avoid meat, as it drains their ability to Read. Male and female Readers are raised in separate Academies run by Master Readers. Their ranks include Reader (new-found, student in training), Tutor (an advanced student, who can now teach one or two Readers), Magister (a teacher, the second-highest level), and Master (the highest level, most powerful Readers).

9 - What is the Path of the Dark Moon?
A - Readers who fail to reach the top two ranks are married off with other failed Readers, and sent along the Path. The sexual union which always produces children with abilities equal to their parents, leaves their parents drained of their abilities, with little or nothing left.

10 - What are Adepts?
A - Adepts are Humans with other abilities. These include starting fires, moving water, weather control, healing, and some slight mind control. Minor Adepts have one ability. Lords Adept have several, if not all, abilities. They live in the Savage Empire, and work with nature, never against it. Their diet consists of massive amounts of meats, and they generally consume three times the "normal" amount of food per sitting, as using Adept powers burns food quickly.

Do you have a question not answered in the FAQ? If so, ask away. We're happy to help in any way we can!

The following questions are courtesy of Appi, who asked:

11 - What exactly is "draining" in a sexual union between Reader + Reader or Reader + Adept or Adept + Adept? My own conclusion was that this is more than a physical union and that unconscious mental processes were involved in the transfer of talent to the zygote and the transfer in some way "damaged" or impaired the parents' abilities. If the Reader or Adept weren't intent on making a child, would they still be able to have sex (or even masturbate or have "wet dreams") without losing their abilities? Or, does the mental presence of another Reader/Adept cause the partners to unconsciously initiate the process of talent transfer or zygote manipulation? In short, does the act of sex require the presence of a Reader or Adept to cause the transfer or manipulation process to become inevitable? Does sex with a "normal" individual produce Adepts or Readers, and is it also "draining"? As you can see, I find the logistics of this limitation interesting!
A - I'm not sure what the best way to answer your first question would be, as it is something of a pretty major plot point in the later books. I would suggest holding on to that question, and I think you'll understand it when you discover the truth about those on the Path of the Dark Moon. I would go say more, but out of respect for those who are now discovering Savage Empire and would like to remain spoiler-free, I will say no more ... for now.

12 - I'm unclear about whether Readers or Adepts can come from normal (non-Reader or non-Adept) parents. If they do, then there must be Readers and Adepts in every generation of "normal" births to maintain the Reader/Adept population. Otherwise, if Reader/Adept children only come from Reader/Adept parents, then wouldn't it mean that the population number of Readers or Adepts would eventually dwindle to nothing, due to the occasional early death of Readers and Adepts who haven't yet procreated? In addition, the loss of two Reader or Adept parents for the result of a single Reader or Adept child would cut the population down to nothing in only a few generations.
A - Readers and Adepts did not always exist. The first Readers were outcasts; when their talents were discovered, they were treated ... well, not so kindly. While two Readers could have a child that is pretty much assured to be a Reader of equal talent, it's not always the case, and a Reader (or Adept) can come from a union of two non-Adepts/non-Readers.

13. - Which book in the original series does the following reprint equate to? (Prophecies)
A - Prophecies contains books 4 (Flight, aka Escape) and 5 (Sorcerers of the Frozen Isles).

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