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Mrs. Covert's Wisdom

The stuff in your basket is replaceable. Your plans and dreams are what matter.
Always be ready for adventure. There are no victories without risks.
Make friends with your enemies. You can do your job better if they don't suspect you.
There's no such thing as too much carrot cake.
An old lady with a child can go anywhere and nobody will suspect her.
Everyone is entitled to wear a disguise. Your job is to figure out who they really are.
Everyone has ideas that are worth discovering some of them will give you a profit.
The goal you set out to accomplish may be a decoy from something better.
Never be out of touch with someone who understands your secret code.
Stay in shape. You never know where you are going next.
Be generous. People will invite you more places.
Be interested in other people. You never know when they'll tell you something interesting.
You'll never be bored if you play life as a game.
Teach what you know so your grandchildren can continue your traditions.

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