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Rainforest Links

List of Rainforest Websites
Click here to save the rainforests
Rainforest Action Network
Short information page about rainforests
Alaskan Rainforest Campaign
Temperate Zone Rainforests
Locations of Rainforests all over Earth
Sounds from Rainforests -- 86 of them
Amazon Rainforest -- with Ecotourism Game 
Tropical Plant Database -- includes herbs 
What is a Rainforest?
Help for School Reports on Rainforests
Tropical Rainforests of the World Map
Tour a Rainforest
Synthetic tree (a partial solution to Rainforest deforestation?)
Rainforest Education Project (lots of great photos and information)
Layers of a Rainforest
More Rainforest Links for School Reports
Indigenous Peoples of Brazil
Indigenous Peoples of the World's Rainforests

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Caltech site about Rainforest Science