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Rabbit Links

Rabbit in the Moon
Rabbit Web -- Information to keep your rabbit healthy
Rabbit House Society -- Rescued Rabbits
Rabbit Pictures and Facts
Should Rabbits eat Lettuce?  (See what Beatrix Potter has to say)
Why are a rabbit's ears so big? (and other animal questions)
Australian Rescue Rabbits and more Rabbit information
Rabbits and Hares (how are they different?)
Tapeti information (OFR is a tapeti)
The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter in HTML with illustrations
The Velveteen Rabbit in  HTML
Origami Running Rabbit
Rabbit Mythconceptions
Rabbit Care Links
Rabbit Links (including Rabbit fonts and Rabbit shopping)
Free Online Ebooks (some of which are about rabbits)


Classic Books

Project Gutenberg

Middle School Level Rabbits vs. Hares information
Rabbit Care for Kids
Eastern USA Cottontail Rabbits 
Make a Maze - free and shareware programs

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Rabbit Photos
More Rabbit Photos
And More Rabbit Photos