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Interview with Mrs. Covert 

How old were you when you became a spy?

I come from a family of spies.  My father was a spy,
my grandmother was a spy, my great grand father was a
spy.  My father began taking me on spy jobs when I was
10.  My first spy job was when I was 12.

What do you like about spying?

Spying is fun.  I love disguising myself in different
ways. I love taking pictures in secret and most of all
I love finding out secrets.

What was your first spying job?

My first spying job was at school.  We decided to spy
on the school principal to find  out where she lived
and if she had a nice house.  I found out our
principal did not live in a house like all of us.  She
lived in a boat.

Did you spy for free like Harriet the Spy before you
became a professional spy?

Yes. I volunteered many times to discover secrets and
find information about people at school. My father
also took me to some spying jobs and I helped out by
sneaking trough windows and small openings to get
inside houses.

Why do you spy on the Orange Forest Rabbit?

I work for Lucky Dog Carrots and my job is to spy on the
competition. I love to spy on OFR because I discover
very useful things for spies.

Have you learned any of his secrets?

 For example the discovery that the carrots in  the
meteor field caused people to become invisible.  I
discovered that even  before OFR did. 

Which of the OFRs foods is your favorite?

I love his carrot cake and I will not give up until I
get the recipe.

Are you teaching Timmy to be a spy?

I am trying to teach Timmy to be a spy.

Do you think he has what it takes to become a good

He will be a good one once he learns to follow
directions. One must follow directions in order to

What equipment do you use when you spy?

I use a spy camera and a miniature recording device,
but my most important tool is my brain. A good spy
needs to develop the following skills:

1) read, memorize and analyze information rapidly
2) recognize people's weak spots so she can persuade or distract them
3) think clearly without emotion
4) communicate fluently in at least two languages
5) plan and change plans without hesitation

6) eagerness to learn new skills 
7) readiness for adventure

What is your favorite spying achievement -- the one
you are most proud of?

Discovering how to become invisible is definitely the
most useful knowledge for a spy.

What is the next secret you hope to learn from OFR?

I want to find the recipe for the carrot cake.

Is OFR a worthy opponent, like James Bond, or is he
too easy to be much of a challenge  for you?

He is easy but I am an old lady now and could not take
very difficult jobs.

Can you teach me how to become a spy?

I can teach you a few things but you have to keep the

Have you ever been caught?

Unfortunately Robes Pierre can find me anywhere.  He
has caught me spying a few times. The good side is
that OFR does not always believe him.

Take Mrs. Covert's Spying Lessons:

Listening   --  Your most important skill as a spy

Hiding Things -- Avoid the amateur's mistakes

Detecting Lies  --  Use the latest scientific research

Following a Suspect  --  Know what clues to collect

Secret Writing  --  There's a lot more to it than invisible ink


Spy Mannequins -- in department stores
Do you have a question for Mrs. Covert?  Write her here: covert@orangeforestrabbit.com

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